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5 Ways Friends Can Help You Get Over Your Ex


In YourTango's recent breakup survey of 1,329 people polled between December 21, 2011 - January 9, 2012, the #1 most popular activity people recommend to someone getting over a breakup is to "spend time with friends". For someone in the midst of a breakup, here are 5 healing ways to interact with your friends to shake off your Ex and get over your loss.

  1. Get out in nature with a friend. Go for a hike, go rock climbing or mountain biking. While you're out there, make sure you notice your surroundings and appreciate the beauty of wherever you are. Getting out in nature puts you back in touch with beauty and can make you feel more peaceful. Just be sure not to go places you frequented with your Ex.
  2. Exercise with a friend. You're more likely to exercise longer and harder if you're with a friend. Exercising get your endorphins flowing, and those are the "feel good" chemicals your brain needs to get over your grief about your relationship. If you do this on a regular basis, you'll get the added bonus of a killer bod to make your Ex jealous. The Post-Breakup Workout: 10 Exercises To Get Over An Ex [PHOTOS]
  3. (for women) Go out dancing with a group of friends. Dancing, like other exercise, helps activate those endorphins. Dancing also makes you feel feminine and sexy because it gets you "in" your body. You'll also be likely to attract positive attention from other men, which will remind you that you've still got it...just in case you weren't sure.
  4. (for men) Bond over live sports. Go to a game with a group of friends and let off steam cheering for your favorite team. All that testosterone is guaranteed to make you feel better.
  5. Find one friend to confide in. Don't slam your Ex to all your friends; not only does it make you seem like a whiner, but if you ever got back together, your friends would remember all the bad things you said about your Ex. They'll think you're crazy for getting back together, and it will make it awkward to get together with them.
  6. Plan a monthly dinner party, singles only. The creative nature of cooking will help you feel better; you'll be excited about your new creation and eager to share it with friends. Hanging out with friends and bonding over food is a great cure for just about anything that ails you. One suggestion for a monthly dinner party is this: the party is hosted on a rotating basis at someone's home. The host makes the entree, a second friend makes a soup or salad, a third person makes an appetizer or side dish and the fourth makes a dessert. Keep portions small to prevent overindulgence. This is the place to get fancy; try a recipe just outside the edge of your comfort zone. Speaking for personal experience, it's not as hard, nor as intimidating, as it sounds. Bake Your Way Out Of Heartbreak

The great thing about friends is that they're always there for you. The more you remember this, the easier you'll get over the break up. Don't be one of those people who blows off your friends when you meet a new love. If you do that, it will only make re-connecting with them after the break up a little awkward. Staying in touch with your friends while you're in a romantic relationship will also improve the quality of your love life. Couples who get so engrossed in each other that they lose sight of their friends end up having many more problems than those couples who keep regular play dates with their friends. Let's hear it for good friends!

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