6 Signs The Universe Is Testing You

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Life is filled with ups and downs. One minute you’re on cloud nine celebrating a victory, and the next you might be asking the universe “why me?”

Sometimes bad things just happen without rhyme or reason. Other times it could be more than misfortune. In fact, it could be that the universe is testing you. 

Why does the universe test us?

Everyone has or will be tested at some point. The only way to grow as a person is through life experiences, both good and bad.

Throughout life, you will face challenging situations that make you question your ability to adapt and overcome. But getting past those difficulties is exactly what you need to grow and mature.

The universe is testing all of us in order to provide opportunities for growth.

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6 Signs The Universe Is Testing You

There are times when it feels like the universe is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at you. If you pay attention, you will recognize the signs that the universe is testing you.

1. There is a sudden change in your life.

Sometimes the universe sends disruptions because it is testing your ability to roll with the punches. You might go from an ideal situation to a difficult situation in the blink of an eye.

The best way to see how you handle chaos and disorder is to throw you right into the ocean and see if you can swim. The intent is for you to bend but never break.

2. You run into a roadblock.

Everything is going smoothly, and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then, suddenly, a molehill has turned into a mountain, and you are at a loss on how to get around it.

Says TikToker Angie, a spiritual teacher, "You'll experience sudden obstacles on your path. This can show up as a situation or a person testing your patience."



The universe has sent you a challenge to see just how dedicated and disciplined you are. If you can overcome the roadblock and rise to the occasion, you will have built strength and resilience.

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3. You're being required to show patience.

Everyone has their own timeline on how long a project or goal should take to complete. If you have fallen off track and are on the verge of giving up, don’t. This is a test from the universe.

Sometimes, showing patience and restraint is more difficult than any laborious task. They key is to avoid negative self-talk of failure and keep pushing. Your dream is delayed, not denied.

4. You're having trouble seeing your worth.

Are there times when you feel like you just don’t belong? Imposter syndrome is one of the symptoms that the universe is testing your confidence and sense of self.

As disheartening as this can be, it is actually a beneficial process. Doing the work to understand the value you bring, and practicing self-care and mindfulness, can build your confidence, making it unshakeable.

5. You’ve lost something you're passionate about.

You are a football player. You live and breathe the sport and have big dreams of going to the league. Then one day, you injure your Achilles, and your career is over before it starts.

You may feel like it is the end of the world, but that’s not the case. Sometimes, rejection is redirection. Maybe your purpose lies elsewhere. Remember that when one door closes, another always opens.

As TikToker Angie explains, "Is this a job? An apartment? A boyfriend? A girlfriend? Doesn't matter. The universe works with the law of giving and receiving. Sometimes, you need to give something in order to receive something. Give up this job, get a better job."

6. You feel like you're under attack.

Lately, you’ve been subjected to unnecessary hate and anger from people around you. You might be caught up in family drama and become the scapegoat. Or you could be getting the middle finger while driving more.

Don’t take these instances personally. These attacks can damage your esteem and your outlook on life. Know that it will not always be like this. The universe wants you to look within and know your worth, regardless of external experiences.

Now that we know some of the signs that the universe is testing you, next time you feel overwhelmed, undervalued, or want to give up, know that if you can hold on and overcome the challenges, you will grow as a person.

Believe in yourself and your desires with reckless abandon and focus on the “self” in self-esteem. Use your strengths to guide you and recognize your weaknesses so you know where you need reinforcements.

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