5 Ways The Universe Shows You Loving Spirits All Around You

When spirits of loved ones are around us, the signs become apparent.

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After my grandparents passed many years ago, I began feeling my grandmother with me all the time. For quite a while, her presence was undeniable throughout my home and her essence was always in abundance at family gatherings.

Some of my family members could definitely feel her presence, too, while others could not. I found it particularly intriguing how various family members interpreted such experiences as the universe telling each of us she was still around.


While working with clients, peers, friends, and even strangers over the years about their own encounters and connection with passed loved ones, it goes without saying that countless ways exist in which those on the other side conspire with the universe to let us know that there are spirits around us, watching over us, and even supporting us through tough times.

Many people have correlated seeing butterflies or cardinal birds as a message or symbol that their loved one is reaching out, visiting with them, or thinking about them. These are lovely symbos, but the universe shows you that there are loving spirits around you in emotional and sensory ways, too. 


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Here are five signs that there are loving spirits all around you

1. You dream about them

Dreaming about your departed loved one is one of the more common ways many individuals feel their loved one is still with them. Though a common claim, it’s not true for everyone. Sometimes you want so badly to dream of the person but they may not be ready or may be working on something else in their new celestial plane.

Dreaming about your late family member or friend is usually a good sign that they’re checking up on you, wanting you to know they’re OK, or just them keeping some overall connection with you. The layers of the veil are thinner during sleep, so it’s easier for you to be open to their presence, and much easier for them to connect with you when they are ready to.


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2. You hear a favorite song of theirs 

When you’re driving along with the radio on or in a place where music is playing and a song comes on that immediately reminds you of that person, that’s usually a good indicator your loved one is reaching out to you from the other side.

Depending upon what is happening around you, it may take some time for you to realize the song is on and in other instances, the song immediately hits your heart and spirit, or you have an unmistakable feeling deep inside your belly. In these cases, you just know that your friend or family member is taking some time to say “hello” from the ether.

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3. You see or hear words or phrases they used to say

When you hear or see a specific phrase that a loved one used to say whether in direct conversation or in the periphery, especially if you hear it more than once in a short timeframe, you can bet the odds that your passed loved one is checking in with you.  

Sometimes, the phrase is a gem like “one moment at a time” or a confirmation such as “ain’t that the truth” or a subtle encouragement of “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” and “keep on truckin’.”

Usually, these phrases cause you to smile, warm your heart, or bring a tearful recognition to your eye. You undoubtedly know these phrases when you hear them, and you feel the sentiment resonate deep within. Regardless, view these moments as a gift and revel in the brief reminder of and connection with your loved one.

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4. You smell a familiar or favorite scent of your loved one

If you smell a scent that your loved one enjoyed and there’s no explanation for why you would be smelling that scent, rest assured your loved one is nearby. Often you may smell a specific flower, incense, cologne, perfume, or another scent that takes you directly to the person and your memories of them.

Smells can trigger deep recollections and emotions that you shared with them. You may even buy essential oils, soaps, or sprays with those scents so you can remember and feel connected with them more regularly.

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5. You see someone who looks like or has mannerisms similar to them

Sometimes you may come across a person who seems like a doppelgänger of your passed loved one — so much so that seeing them stops you in your tracks and may even freak you out a little. Other times, you may meet someone who has similar mannerisms to the person who crossed over, which reminds you of them.


Initially, it may seem odd or coincidental, but this is just another way the loving spirit of someone who has passed can remind you that they are still with you.

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The signs of loving spirits are personal 

Of course, experiences with those from the other side are unique to everyone and will often vary in how your loved one may choose to stay connected with you. Such encounters are more common than you might consider.


One of my clients felt their loved one with them every night when they went to bed. Another knew that if a specific light was turned on in the house, even though no one had turned it on, their loved one was visiting.

No matter if your departed loved ones’ personalities and spirits pop in for a quick hello, a short visit, a long stay, or as potential confirmation or even caution for a situation you’re currently undergoing, it may not always matter the reason. Knowing they are with you is a sweet reminder that you are never truly alone.

Celebrate these encounters with joy and contentment, knowing you have loved and continue to be loved. Having created a relationship with another that continues well after the human form expires.

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Pamela Aloia is a certified grief coach, intuitive/medium, and author supporting people through change and enhancing their lives and experiences via energy awareness, meditation, and mindfulness.