8 Secret Habits Of The Most Magnetic People

Attract others magnetically with these habits.

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As an awkward teen, I struggled to connect with people. It made me feel alone and continually frustrated for years. This drove me to get good at understanding how to connect better with people. I learned a lot about why some people seem to pull others in while others repel.

Here are 8 secret habits of the most magnetic people:

1. They aren’t trying to be magnetic

‘Trying’ gives off a very different energy to simply ‘being.’ When we operate in the mode of ‘try,’ we emphasize the reality that we aren’t there yet. This feels try-hard. So magnetic people don’t force anything and express who they are.


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2. Their quirks come through

Attraction is closely tied to authenticity. When we act like everyone else, we signal our discomfort. When we allow what makes us different to rise without resistance, like our geeky interest in gardening, we telegraph what makes us human too. This is interesting and attractive.

3. They talk in specifics

Ever had a conversation with someone who talks only about vague concepts and loose theories? It’s easy to lose track and interest. It also reflects a lack of belief in what they are saying. Those who keep you hanging off their every word use specific examples, details, and relevant stories.

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4. They understand the subtle art of absence

Magnetic people don’t overload you with their presence. They know that strategic absences create intrigue. People who are always available and quick to respond to every little thing transmit their abundance and self-respect too. Always being there pitches you as lower status. That which is scarce is more expensive.


5. They aren’t reliant on external approval

When we rely on others being nice to us to feel happy, we’re in a precarious place. It may feel great to gain validation, but when we get criticized, we’ll sink. Magnetic people know that all the validation they need is internal, and they express this with a light-hearted approach to life.

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6. They stopped trying to fix themselves

Low-energy people live in a prison of their own making. The prison walls are reinforced by the sense they are not adequate. They believe they are broken and listen to society that reinforces such nonsense. But that seems real only to the extent it is self-created. Those who walk with a bounce in their step know they are whole.


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7. They choose their words carefully

Their mouths are not openings out of which spew whatever comes to mind. They exert self-control. They are sparing with their words and choose them carefully. They don’t bring others down. This creates mystery, but it also emphasizes their communication skill, which is inspiring.

8. They speak and move slower than others

Those who speak slower, even if just a fraction, often appear to be in the authority position. In other words, when we talk comparatively faster, it seems we are trying to prove something or are slightly nervous. Magnetic people are relaxed and have nothing to prove.


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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.