The 5 Most Sacred Dreams You Can Have — And What Each One Of Them Means

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Have you ever had a dream so vivid and powerful that you felt more alive and connected to your surroundings than you do in your daily existence? Do you have healing visits from the other side in your dreams?

Are you someone that can’t wait to fall asleep and see what is waiting for you in your dream world? Possibly you are someone that is afraid to fully surrender to your nightly travels.

Wherever you are on the dreaming spectrum, keep reading and discover five sacred events that frequently occur in your dreams.

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We spend a significant part of our lives in slumber. If we consider the entirety of our human experience, this realm is as important as our waking hours. What do we find there?

It is here that we stay connected to our higher selves and all that is. When we sleep the veil thins for us and portals open. It is more than a time of recharging your body and resting your mind. We can travel to other worlds, communicate with those on the other side, and even see the infinite possibilities of self.

5 sacred events from your dreams

1. Reuniting with departed loved ones.

Are you experiencing reunions with loved ones in your dreams? It is very common for those that have crossed over to meet you in your dream world. The veil is thinner and your logical intellect takes a back seat to your creative and psychic mind.

If you are missing a loved one, even animals, just before you fall asleep ask them to join you in your dreams. Meeting loved ones can help decrease grief, and reassure you they are still in your life. It might even be an indication that you have mediumship abilities.

2. Meeting our guardian angels and spirit guides.

The dream world is a wonderful place to meet your guides or angels. Just the other night, one of my guides showed up in my dream.

We were pulling tarot cards and interpreting them in my dream. Some messages were for my family and personal life and others focused on global events. You also can enjoy this experience.

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3. Discovering answers to difficult problems.

Sometimes your dreams will offer you solutions or answers to something you have been struggling with. As the part of you that is logical and controlling takes a rest, your higher consciousness can offer you creative solutions to your problem. This sometimes requires a little skill to decipher and trust the message.

Writing the details of your dreams down can be really helpful in making sense of the messages. It also helps to share your dream experiences with friends or family. Other’s insights can be helpful when looking at the many layers and messages that are often held in dreams.

4. Learning what needs to change in our lives.

Dreams are a powerful tool for personal reflection and healing. They can indicate a need to make some life changes for your wellness.

5. Finding the path to a peaceful, fulfilling life.

Dreams can also show us how we move through the world. Do you have combative dreams that leave you exhausted? Who are you fighting with during the day? How are you handling your stress? Do you frequently have hellish nightmares? Ask yourself where fear runs rampant in your life. Pay attention to your unsettling dreams, and allow them to guide you to peaceful choices.

Occasionally you will see your future, or even a loved one’s future experience in your dreams. Personally, I will see future world events unfolding just as I begin to fall asleep. Some of these have been so powerful that I stay awake for a little while and process the information. I have been known to call people and share the message that very night before I return to sleep.

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How I met Buddha

Recently I had a night that was filled with conversations with my guides. This was very powerful in itself, yet early in the morning, I was blessed by Buddha. In this particular dream, I was at home and noticed a brilliant white light that was in a pattern similar to a snowflake.

It held gentle and loving energy. In my dream state, I knew immediately I was about to meet Buddha. I was so overcome with emotion I fell over on my side.

The funny thing about the dream is I recognized how impactful this holy meeting was, but I also recognized the loyalty of my dog. He came running over and sat next to me as I processed the significance of Buddha joining me. I woke up shortly after this encounter.

What did this dream mean? Did I really meet Buddha? Did I receive healing? I have not figured out the deeper meaning of this dream, but I can tell you it brought happiness into my day and I still think about it.

Perhaps my joy is the residue of Buddha’s energy.

I encourage you to actively take part in your dream world. Tell you your loved ones, Angels, and Guides you want to meet them. Plan cosmic experiences for your nocturnal hours.

Keep a journal of your dreams and discover yourself through your dreams. Practice manifesting in your dream world. You will be surprised by the transformation that occurs when you interact with your dream world.

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Polly Wirum is an intuitive life coach and writer. She helps people connect to the energy of peace via intuitive reading, life coaching, or live channeling sessions.

This article was originally published at Polly Wirum's website. Reprinted with permission from the author.