Realtor Shares The Disgusting Reason You Need To Hide Your Toothbrush When Staying At A Hotel

It also serves as a reminder to never be rude to hotel cleaning staff. They may just get revenge in the most appalling way.

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A Realtor took to TikTok to caution hotel guests about safeguarding their personal belongings by securely storing them in their suitcases whenever they leave their rooms. 

His insight into this matter arose during a hotel stay when he made a disturbing discovery about the state of his toothbrush after temporarily leaving his room. 

The Realtor claimed that the cleaning staff at the hotel used his toothbrush to clean the room. 

In a TikTok video viewed over 160,000 times, Lavell Jackson revealed that he was staying at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas when the mortifying incident unfolded. He was in town for the Remax R4 Convention, and when he left his room to attend, Jackson alleged that the hotel staff had used his toothbrush to clean while he was gone. 




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Although he did not go into specifics as to how the staff cleaned his room using his toothbrush, Jackson said that when he confronted staff about it, they acted “nasty” toward him. They attempted to resolve the situation by offering him a mere $50 credit and a new toothbrush. 


“I can’t make this stuff up. I’m at a loss for words,” Jackson said. “Some companies just have to do better.” 

Others online were appalled by Jackson’s story, offering him suggestions for the next time (if there is a next time) he stays at a hotel. 

“I always hide my toothbrush traveling," one user commented. "I feel like they might just accidentally drop it in the toilet or on the floor, and I’ll never know, so I’d rather just put it away while they clean the room.” 

“I wrap my toothbrush in a paper towel and put it in a Ziploc bag when traveling. I absolutely never put everything out on the counter,” another commenter wrote. 



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“Carry individually wrapped disposable toothbrushes,” a third TikToker suggested. 

When one user asked Jackson how he knew for sure that the hotel staff had used his toothbrush to clean his room, he claimed that it was “not hard” for him to see it on the bristles. 

“As soon as it hit my tooth, I knew something was wrong,” he added. 

While no official statements have been made by Mandalay Bay Resort employees regarding Jackson’s account, other hotel workers alleged that such occurrences are not uncommon. 

Melissa Hanks, a TikTok user who offers travel tips for staying in hotels, advised guests not to be rude to hotel staff. Otherwise, they may just find that their toothbrushes taste like bleach and dirty tile. 


“When turning your room while staying at a hotel, I have heard that housekeepers clean certain areas in bathrooms that you don’t want to have near your mouth,” Hanks said. 



“Keep your toothbrush packed away just to avoid any kind of situation like this,” she advised. 

Leaving your toothbrush exposed in hotel bathrooms can also pose hygiene risks due to potential contamination from airborne particles, cleaning agents, or other guests' germs. While traveling, it is best to carry around disposable toothbrushes or holders where you can keep them covered. 


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