New Hotel Employee Taught How Staff Cleans The Rooms — She Quit 27 Minutes Later

She now has many people declaring that they will no longer be staying in hotels.

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After a woman accepted a job working at a hotel, she was eager to learn more about the process of cleaning out hotel rooms and preparing them for the next guests. 

Once she was given a demonstration of how exactly the rooms were cleaned, she clocked out, walked out the door, and never returned. She worked for a total of 27 minutes. 

The woman revealed that she quit her new job after discovering the revolting cleaning methods hotel staff used on rooms.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 1 million times, user @geminigemini1982 responded to another user who asked people the shortest amount of time they spent working at a specific job. The woman confessed that she spent a total of 27 minutes working at a hotel before she quit. 




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She explained that her role was to oversee the housekeeping department of the hotel, and although she had the job nearly 15 years ago, she remembered the details of it vividly.


The woman shared that as part of her job, she was required to witness firsthand how the housekeepers cleaned and prepared a used room for new guests. A few of the housekeepers guided her into a room, where she claimed she learned three appalling facts about how they cleaned the rooms at the hotel. 

While the woman said that the room she was shown was fairly clean, she still took protocols such as wearing gloves and bringing bleach to clean out the bathroom. However, one housekeeper stopped her and demonstrated how they actually tidied the floors and bathrooms. 

To the woman’s horror, the housekeeper took a piece of tape, wrapped it around her hand, and began dabbing on the floors to collect any debris. “She said, ‘bathroom is clean!!’” the woman recalled. 

The housekeepers then moved onto the bed, which the woman said appeared as if somebody had slept in it. As she put her gloves on and prepared to strip the sheets and replace them with new ones, the housekeeper stopped her again. 


“She pulled the blanket back, picked the vacuum off the floor, and vacuumed the sheets,” the woman said. The housekeepers then deemed the bed clean.

The final straw came when the woman was preparing to replace the mugs by the coffee machine with new ones. Once again, she was stopped by a housekeeper who then cleaned the mugs using her own method. 

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“She took a little squirt of soap, put it in the cups, poured one cup into another cup and rinsed them out with hot water, dried the cups out, and put them back,” the woman shared. Afterward, the housekeepers insisted that the entire room was clean. 


“I grabbed my jacket... I put my jacket on, I walked past them, I clocked out, and walked out the door,” the woman said. She never set foot into the hotel again. 

Other TikTok users were also horrified by the hotel’s cleaning expectations. “That's why I don’t stay in hotels,” one user commented. “The vacuum across the bed is crazy,” another user wrote. 

People who have worked in hotels shared that, unfortunately, many hotel rooms are not adequately cleaned for new guests. 

“I interviewed for a housekeeping job. The OWNER told me we were not allowed to change the sheets if the guest had only been there one night. I left,” one user revealed. 

“Girl, I'm right there with ya, I got a job as a hotel housekeeper. I asked for chemicals to clean, and they told me they only use WATER!! No chemicals!” another user added. 


Although every hotel's cleaning policies vary in specifics, standard cleaning procedures include removing and replacing the bed sheets, assembling the furniture correctly, and cleaning the bathrooms with cleaning liquids and disinfectants to ensure the safety and health of future guests. 

If you want to be extra careful while staying in a hotel, remember this woman’s warning and bring your own sheets and coffee mugs! 

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