7 Rare Ways To Be Incredibly Beautiful To Men

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My mom, a major history fan, loved to tell me about historical figures when I was a kid. One of the best tales my mom had told me was the story of Cleopatra, considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Believe it or not, Cleopatra wasn’t actually very pretty. She had a large nose, eyes that were unusually close together, and really was nowhere near Kim Kardashian in terms of looks.

However, despite her looks, men still fought for her and died for her. She’s still considered to be one of the most beautiful women to ever live. Ever wonder what made her so irresistible to men? It was her charm, her personality, and her intelligence.

I honestly think more people could use to take a page from Cleopatra’s book, whether you’re male, female, or nonbinary. Here's how to be beautiful to men without makeup and attract men at every corner.

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Here are 7 rare ways to be incredibly beautiful to men:

1. Learn the art of tact

One of the biggest reasons Cleopatra was as successful as she was, was due to her tactfulness. She understood that not everything has to be said, nor does everything have to be said in a brash manner. You can be honest without offending people and you can also learn how to de-escalate bad situations using words, a joke, or even just a glass of wine.

Unfortunately, this is often a rare talent among people these days and it’s one everyone yearns to see more often.

2. Associate with the right people

Another major reason that Cleopatra was admired had to do with the people around her. She wasn’t the type of person to waste time on people who weren’t powerful, intelligent, or charming.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that getting attention from top dogs in any industry will make people at the bottom assume you’re golden, too. Because Cleopatra was liked in high society, lower-ranking people found her to be beautiful too. Your reputation precedes you, so take a page from her book and only speak to those who appreciate you.

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3. Learn the art of appreciating others

This, too, is an incredibly hard art to master. On one hand, if you show too much appreciation, you will be seen as desperate, manipulative, or a doormat. On the other hand, if you come off as too unappreciative, people don’t want to have anything to do with you.

People want to feel good around you and showing your appreciation (in the right amount) will do that very quickly. If you make others feel great around you, they eventually will see you as beautiful.

4. Understand boundaries

Boundaries are a sign of self-esteem, confidence, social awareness, and emotional intelligence. When you ignore your boundaries, your confidence, your happiness, and your personality all end up getting eroded, used, and abused. Your confidence, personality, and happiness are what will always keep you beautiful regardless of your age. So, protect them with strong boundaries.

5. Learn the art of staying calm, and calming down others

Cleopatra was a surprisingly levelheaded person. Men were riled up around her. War was always around the corner, and her country depended on her for survival. Despite everything, Cleopatra was able to calm down great generals, keep a cool head, and be a leader. If you don’t think that’s beautiful and impressive, you need to think again.

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6. Flaunt your gender, but do it on your own terms

Cleopatra didn’t downplay her femininity; she reveled in it. The most beautiful people embrace their gender in their own unique way. This is why so many women fell for the quiet, loyal, and gentlemanly Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind, and why so many men fall for women who love femininity.

If you’re male, show that you’re in touch with your masculinity on your own terms. If you’re female, get your girl on by understanding how to be beautiful to men in whatever way you feel makes you more womanly. If you’re nonbinary, just do you and flaunt your gender (or genderless) expression.

7. Have a sense of humor

My mom once told me that Cleopatra had gotten tired of one of the men she was entertaining constantly fishing and bragging about his catches. So, she sent him to the dock and tied a fried fish to his line. The two ended up having a great laugh, and she managed to get a point across.

He ended up falling deeper for her because she had such a good sense of humor, and really, who wouldn’t? Humor is beautiful in all of us. 

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