23 Questions I Had To Ask To Heal My Inner Child

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Inner child

“She held herself until the sobs of the child inside subsided entirely. I love you, she told herself. It will all be okay.”
-H Raven Rose, Shadow Selves

Reaching out to my inner child, bracing myself to look at her wounds has been an eventful journey of its own.

For anyone calling it wo-wo, I would respectfully say this: We drastically underestimate our childhood traumas under the pretext of “everyone goes through stuff.”

Yes; the problem is you haven’t cleaned it up yet!

Our major life decisions, and our reactions, have a strong connection to the unhealed parts this child holds.

We will never outgrow the child in us, we don’t have to.

We do have a choice to listen to this child, be vulnerable to the hurt that has been stored through years, and start healing with the child.

I am doing this after beginning therapy and getting medical expertise for my depression struggles, and I would urge you to start this journey with trusted professional support.

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Here are 23 questions I had to ask to heal my inner child:

1. “ If my inner child was in a conversation with this person, would I be happy with the way she is treated?”

2. “What all fascinated me, lit my world up as a child?”

“3. How can I add at least one of these activities this week?” (P.S. I have been painting for the past one month and it’s been therapeutic).

4. “Am I feeding my (inner) child a lot of toxic online content?”

5. “Would I be okay with someone talking to my inner child the way they are speaking now?”



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6. “ What did you want to be when you grew up?”

7. “If given a choice and resources, would you be happy if I pursue that career path?”

8. “What is friendship according to you?”

9. “Who encouraged your opinions, and your dreams growing up?”

10. “Who made you feel unsafe growing up, and why?”

11. “Why do you find it difficult to trust me?”

12. “What are the incidents that made you lose respect for someone?”

13. “How do you think your family views you?”

14. “Who are those people you have wanted to apologize to for a long time and why?”

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15. “What is the one thing that makes you happy right now?”

16. “Do you feel safe right now?”

17. “What is one thing you have been postponing that if done now, will make you happy?”

18. “How are you responding to someone who hurt you in the past?”

19. “Will you forgive them and why?”

20. “Who would you like to talk to right now?”

21. “How would you respond when someone says you hurt them?”

22. “If your inner child could meet your present self, how would she react?”

23. “If your inner child could say words of comfort to your present self, what would she say?”

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Pain, resentment, and depth of psychological and spiritual wounds are never to be taken lightly.

Can we heal 100% and become pain-free? Never. It is the broken parts along with our learnings that make us who we are right now.

Healing opens up deeper connections with our inner self and this is positively reflected in how we respond to the world.

Our inner child needs us as much as we need her to show us the way, to respect and accept our past and present.

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Rashmi Govindaraju is a writer, volunteer teacher, and a loving sister. Her work has been featured in Medium, LinkedIn, and Vocal Media. She writes about inner child healing journey, life, relationships, and navigating the world as an empath.

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