As The U.S. Shoots Down UFOs, People Are Talking About The Fake Alien Invasion Predicted To Begin In 2024

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project blue beam

In just the past month, the United States has shot down not one, not two, not three, but four unidentified flying objects in North American airspace.

The government is hesitant to give specific answers and appears to be offering only limited information about the objects to the public, leaving many of us understandably wondering what those objects are what they were doing hanging around?

These recent unknown aircrafts appearing in the sky have given way not only to new conspiracy theories, but to resurfaced discussion of old ones. In particular, many are speculating that a theory known as Project Blue Beam may be real.

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What is Project Blue Beam?

Like many other theories about the presence of extraterrestrial life, talk of Project Blue Beam began decades ago.

Project Blue Beam (NASA) is reported to be a conspiracy theory introduced by Canadian investigative journalist Serge Monast in the mid-1990s. The theory claims that members of the Pentagon, NASA, and the United Nations were collaborating on a plan to simulate a fake alien invasion and staged "Second Coming" using hologram projections.

In doing so, he asserted, they would eliminate all traditional religions, including Christianity, to make way for a one-world religion or the "true religion," as well as to abolish national pride, national identities, and family as it is known today, paving an easier path to bring about a New World Order.

According to the theory, there are four distinct steps to Project Blue Beam's execution.

The 4 Steps of Project Blue Beam

1. The breakdown of all archeological knowledge via earthquakes.

The first thing said to happen would be be numerous earthquakes in a variety of places that will reveal unusual items. These items will be used by the United Nations to support their coming lie to control people, including to make people believe they have previously misunderstood religious doctrine.

This is meant to weaken humanity's faith in their current religions so they can be more easily preyed upon.

2. A mammoth-style light show and holograms simulating the Second Coming of Christ.

The next step in the execution of Project Blue Beam is a worldwide light show during which NASA will use numerous satellites to project lasers, holograms, lights, and many other technologies "to project images of God, Jesus Christ, and the prophets into the sky."

One popular opinion of what will be depicted is images of all religious leaders being merged together to create a one, true God.



3. Telepathic thought control by the Antichrist.

The next step will be the use of ELF (Extra Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency), and LF (Low Frequency) waves to brainwash people into believing God is speaking to them directly.

Messages will pour into their minds about how they have been doing wrong, and insisting it is now time to make things right by following the new religion.

4. A simulated alien invasion beginning in the year 2024 (or maybe sooner).

"In the year 2024," Monast wrote, "a global event will alter the course of mankind's future. The world will stand witness to a massive alien invasion. Thousands of projected holographic alien warships will blanket the skies, sending people into a global panic."

This will be achieved by a secret technology people are referring to as an "Electronic Universal Supernatural Manifestation" device specifically designed by NASA to deceive people, very much like the Heaven's Gate cult that believed a rapture would happen by aliens coming to "rescue" them.

The New World Order will use this technology to brainwash people into thinking the alien invasion is hostile, in order to keep them in fear and more easily controlled by their new dictators

A Satanic force will then reveal itself worldwide as being inescapable, with he Antichrist coming forward to rule over all.

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Does Project Blue Beam explain the recent onslaught of UFOs?

There is no proof that Monast's assertions about Project Blue Beam are true, and fact checkers at Poytnor have clearly marked the claims "false."

Some believe the theory spawned from the Philadelphia Experiment allegedly carried out by the U.S. military in 1943, during which the U.S. Navy is said to have attempted to develop technology that would make its ships invisible to enemies.

Others have noted damaging similarities between Serge Monast’s book and Gene Roddenberry’s film script for the unreleased film "Star Trek: The God Thing," as well as an episode of "Star Trek: Next Generation" titled "Devil’s Due."

However, the unidentified objects recently shot down by the U.S. government, as well as another claimed to have been shot down by China, have renewed conversations about whether or not Monast's predictions were accurate.

U.S. Air Force General Glen VanHerck even said he wouldn't rule out alien or extraterrestrial involvement, stating, “I'll let the intel community and the counter-intelligence community figure that out. I haven't ruled out anything."



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The Project Blue Beam theory is now spreading like wildfire on social media.

TikToker Jessica McElroy posted a video discussing the theory and what it entails, along with some interesting research she found after browsing the web for just a few hours.

"Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory about a supposed project whose purpose is to create an artificial Second Coming, in order to control people using newly developed technology," McElroy read from her research.



What happened to Serge Monast?

Around 1995, Monast's two children were taken from him and made wards of the state, and in 1996 he was arrested "for involvement in 'networks of prohibited information.'" After spending the night in jail, Monast died of a heart attack, though many of his followers believe he was instead poisoned with a "psychotropic weapon."

While none of these assertions have been proven, the past few week's news of objects appearing in U.S. airspace have certainly re-piqued interest in the journalist.

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