Multiple UFO Sightings & Paranormal Experiences Have Been Tied To One Small Triangle In The U.S.

Beware before you visit.

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While there are plenty of mysterious areas in the world — Area 51, the Bermuda Triangle, the Door to Hell, Roanoke Island — the United States no doubt has its fair share of pretty spooky locations and unexplained phenomena.

If you’ve never been to Massachusetts, you have likely never heard of the mysterious Bridgewater Triangle.

What is the Bridgewater Triangle?

The Bridgewater Triangle is a 200 square mile area, 30 miles south of Boston between Abington, Rehoboth, and Freetown, Massachusetts.


It is a creepy swath of land, rife with paranormal activity and hauntings, believed to be a paranormal vortex. A paranormal vortex is a connection between the physical world we live in and the plane of existence that ghosts and demons inhabit.

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People claim to have experienced various paranormal phenomena in the triangle, including UFOs, poltergeists, orbs, fireballs, Bigfoot sightings, giant snakes, and thunderbirds.



Paranormal Experiences In The Bridgewater Triangle

Whether you are interested in visiting this eerie part of Massachusetts, or simply want to curl up under a blanket and learn more about the paranormal vortex, here are some of the common paranormal experiences people have witnessed over the years.


1. UFO sightings and orbs

Many people have reported seeing UFOs that looked like bright orbs or big fireballs, including former WCVB reporter, Steve Sbraccia.

That is just one of thousands of alleged Unidentified Flying Object sightings that have long plagued the area.

2. Unnatural animals

Another interesting and strange thing people have reported seeing in the Bridgewater Triangle are animals that are uncommon to the area, like panthers or bears.

In addition, supernatural creatures such as giant snakes, huge vicious dogs, and thunderbirds, a supernatural being from Native American culture, have been spotted.

3. Humanoids

If you happen to find yourself in the Bridgewater Triangle, you might expect to see other human beings.


But, according to folklore, you may also come across humanoids like Bigfoot, poltergeist, ghosts, and shadow people instead.

4. Cursed swamp

The Hockomock Swamp is said to have been cursed by Native Americans centuries ago due to a conflict with colonizers. An item of importance to the Wampanoag, the wampum belt was taken during King Philip's War.

It is believed that the area’s paranormal disturbances are a form of revenge for the loss of the Native American idol.

5. Pukwudgie

Pukwudgies are indigenous creatures of Native American folklore.

Legend has it that they look like porcupines from behind, and half-troll, half-human from the front and walk upright. They are said to use poison arrows, magic and fire to lure visitors to their deaths.




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6. Disappearing red-haired hitchhiker

If you are traveling along Route 44 in Rehoboth, a man with red hair and a red flannel shirt might suddenly appear in front of your car.

You might swerve to avoid hitting him only to realize there’s nobody there. The disappearing red-headed hitchhiker is just one of the wild theories attached to the Bridgewater Triangle.


7. Gruesome murders

In 1978, 15-year-old Mary Lou Arruda disappeared on her way home from a local high school. It took two months for her decapitated body to be found in the Freetown State Forest.

There have been many other violent murders and events in the Bridgewater Triangle as well. Police Chief Benton W. Keene’s mother-in-law, Diane Dion, was found burned beyond recognition in the trunk of her daughter's car.

These are just a couple of the violent murders that have taken place in this area.


8. Satanic cults

Various incidents of animal mutilation have been reported, especially in Freetown and Fall River Forest. Local police have been called to investigate mutilated animals believed to be the work of a cult.

In 1998, a single adult cow was found butchered in the woods, and several calves were found in a clearing, mutilated as if part of a presumed sacrifice.

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