This Personality Test Reveals Your Secretly Hidden Dream About Love

Optical Illusion Personality Test: Your Secret Dream About Love

When it comes to our own personal experiences and dreams about dating, relationships, and falling in love, we all have different ideas of what our ideal vision looks like, much in the way people with different personality traits look at an optical illusion and see very different things.

For some people, love might involve being whisked off your feet by a veritable knight in shining armor, or at least, in a nicely pressed suit that's been well-tailored.

For other people, that idea might make them shudder, as they prefer to see love as the forging of a partnership between absolute equals.

And the reality of love can be very different from whatever private dreams we harbor about the experience of falling in love.

Keeping these dreams to ourselves can prove problematic. That's not because they are wrong, per se, but because our dreams of love often forget about real life as a factor.

Let's be honest. There isn't always room for real life and all of the boring, frustrating things that come with it in our dreams. Our dreams and hopes and fantasies are where we can feel free to escape from our day-to-day reality.

If you aren't aware of your dreams about love, you can easily wind up disappointed when your partner doesn't measure up. Learning how to recognize them, on the other hand, can help you see what is and isn't working for your.

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This personality test is designed to help you identify your own deeply hidden dreams about love in order to help you keep your relationship firmly headed down the right path.

All you need to do is take a look at the picture below and make a mental note of the image that first catches your eye.

Then scroll down to find out what this optical illusion-based personality test reveals is your most secret dream about loves.

If you saw ...

1. The woman's face

If you saw the woman's face when you first looked at the image, your secret dream about love is that it will complete you.

Yes, you know better. Yes, you know that love can only work when the people in love work hard to make that love grow.

But let's face it, dreams are dreams and you just can't help yourself.

To dream of a magical love that completes you as a person is one thing, but to end a relationship because it doesn't "finish" you would only be like cutting off your nose to spite your face. So don't.

2. The butterflies

If you saw the butterflies when you first looked at the image, your secret dream about love is that it conquers all.

Although your parents may have divorced and you yourself have hit walls in previous relationships, you can't shake the feeling that if love is true enough and strong enough, it can conquer every last obstacle in its way.

Sometimes love can't conquer everything. Sometimes our plans for the future don't coalesce with the person we love, and that's okay.

Even if we wind up going our own ways, getting to spend time together in a loving way is still important and valuable.

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3. The flowers

If you saw the flowers when you first looked at the image, your secret dream about love is that romance never fades.

Some people are more romantic than others, but even the most romantic people on the earth can't be presenting you with flowers and opening the door for you 24/7.

Life gets in the way of chivalry, like it or not!

While romance might not be constant, that's no reason to find your relationship with your partner wanting. In fact, it makes the times they are romantic that much more special and lovely.

4. The sky

If you saw the sky when you first looked at the image, your secret dream about love is that it will be all about what goes on in the bedroom all of the time.

Sure, physical attraction is a huge part of why many people come together initially, but even in the most passionate relationships, the physical side of your love can have its own peaks and valleys.

Just because you aren't all wrapped up in your partner all of the time, that doesn't mean you need to cut things off! It's totally normal for your desires to shift and change with time, to taper off and then return.

That doesn't mean there's something wrong with what you've got.

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