15 Signs You Have An Omega Personality (Not An Alpha Like You Thought)

Omegas don't need to impress anyone.

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Knowing what type of person you are is critical when determining the best method for dealing with people and situations that arise in your life.

The popularity of personality tests continues to skyrocket as people delve into their inner selves in a quest to find out exactly what make them tick.

Characteristics and personality traits can be associated with one of six personality types that help you and the people around you understand why you are the way you are.


Those six common personality types are alpha, beta, gamma, omega, delta, and sigma. But though omegas are technically at the bottom of the socio-sexual hierarchy, it's not an inherently bad personality to have.

What is an omega personality?

An omega is a person who is sure of himself. Unlike alpha male personalities, who lean on others for reassurance, an omega doesn’t care how others see him.

Omegas are ambitious and rely on self-motivation to do what they want. He doesn’t need anyone to push him because he uses his internal drive to make things happen.

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Men with this personality type are highly intelligent. Some might call them "nerds" due to their ability to solve complex problems that others might not be able to.

Though these personalities are typically associated with men, a woman can be an omega female as well if she exhibits the same characteristics.

Omega Male vs. Alpha Male

You’ve probably heard a lot of discussion about alpha males. The alpha is the head of the pack, so it's no wonder most men strive to be known as one.

The alpha male is naturally confident, but unlike the omega man, their confidence comes from status and social situations that place them in a position of leadership.

Where alphas are more charismatic, omegas don’t feel like they need to impress anyone so they are free to be themselves without apology, even if they come across as awkward.


Omega Female vs. Alpha Female

We already know that these personality designations can belong to men or women. When it comes to omega females, they differ from alphas, but also have some shared traits.

While the alpha woman is extroverted, omegas are noticeably introverted. Alphas truly enjoy being the center of attention, but the omega needs privacy at times.

But both are confident and driven in their endeavors. The alpha woman’s confidence is God-given, while an omega woman gains hers over time through learning and perseverance.

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15 Omega Personality Traits

1. You're intentional.

Omegas might seem like Mr. Nice Guy, but that’s because they know how to find joy in whatever they do. They know exactly where they want to go in life and will never compromise their goals.


2. You have unusual hobbies.

Omegas also enjoy hobbies many of us would find strange such as building model cars. Like beta males, video games are one of the things omega men tend to gravitate to.

3. You're transparent.

If you are an omega, you say what you mean and mean what you say. Brown-nosing is not one of your attributes. You speak from the heart, regardless of the repercussions.

4. You’re a child at heart.

Omegas never want to grow up. Fun is their love language and children tend to gravitate to them because they can relate. Be careful not to come off as immature to other adults.

5. You’re reliable.

The omega personality is built around helping others. This is not done in the "weak" way associated with beta male personalities, but as a willingness to lend a helping hand when necessary.


6. You are who you are.

People who are omegas don’t cave to societal pressures to be something they are not. Their confidence comes from within so there is no need to impress others.

7. You're not the most organized person.

Omegas are not good at planning. You might hop from one job or hobby with no specific path in mind. You are skillful at whatever you do, but fail to lay out a step-by-step process to get where you need to go.

8. You don’t compete with others.

You don’t have a competitive bone in your body. As an omega, you move at your own pace and stay in your lane. You are not seen as a threat because you are comfortable watching from the sidelines.

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9. You're not taken seriously.

People might look at you as a joke or even a clown because of your lack of need to climb the social ladder. In the social hierarchy, you are at or near the bottom in their eyes.

10. You’ve been called a geek.

Your high intellect and curiosity make people see you as a nerd. You get into complex topics and go all out discovering the minute details. You have an incessant need to know, no matter the topic.

11. You lack motivation.

Although you are ambitious, your problem is getting motivated to see those ambitions through. If it is not something that piques your interest, you are likely to let it go.


12. You’re a loner.

Those with an omega personality don’t have many close friends and they are perfectly okay with that. They have no desire to be a part of the group or have meaningless banter.

13. You can’t read the room.

Omegas are not well-versed in social cues. They get lost in the conversations and can’t take a hint when someone tries to change the subject. Omega personalities are totally oblivious to acceptable behaviors in social situations.

14. You get bullied.

Usually, people look for the weakest person in the room to push around. In their eyes, that is you. Your status as an outside makes you a good target for ridicule.

15. You're super chill.

Nothing gets you up in arms. You don’t stress about tough decisions or waffle back and forth indecisively. You are comfortable moving at your own pace and tend to ignore external pressures.


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