The Most Common Thing People Dream About Is Different For Every Country — What Each One Means

What is your subconscious trying to tell you in your sleep?

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When you wake up and find that a dream is still fresh in your mind, you likely ponder different interpretations, questioning if it was a premonition, your subconscious spotlighting unaddressed struggles, or even a warning.

Though dreams often feel incredibly personal, a recent study found that people from certain areas likely experience specific dreams. The study conducted by Morning Life surveyed 147 countries and gathered information regarding the most commonly Google-searched dreams in each country. The results may surprise you.


Here are the most common things people dream about by country:

The most common dream in countries in Eastern Europe, parts of Asia, and Africa is about snakes.

People living in Russia, Finland, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, and Kenya frequently dream about these slithery creatures. Dreams about snakes are the most common worldwide, with 52 of the 147 countries surveyed reportedly dreaming about them. 

“When it comes to animals that appear in people's dreams, snakes rank high: They are often counted among the top three to five animals that appear in dreams,” certified dreamwork professional Tzivia Gover told VeryWell Mind




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In some countries such as those in the African continent, snakes are a part of the typical wildlife, and locals likely see them a lot and are thinking about them as they fall asleep. 

Dreaming about snakes can also symbolize transformation, rebirth, and the shedding of old habits. Maybe you just landed a new job, started a new diet, or made other positive changes to your life. 


However, dreaming about snakes can also serve as a warning and could represent your hidden fears or worries. If you are being chased by a snake or it is trying to bite you, it can symbolize something figuratively chasing you, such as an unresolved issue or an insecurity preventing you from moving forward in life. 

The most common dream in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia is about your teeth falling out. 

As unpleasant as it may be, many citizens of these nations have dreams where their teeth start falling out. In fact, 41,000 monthly Google searches in the U.K. and 81,000 monthly searches in the U.S. are about these dreams.

According to the Sleep Foundation, 39% of people have dreamed about their teeth falling out, rotting, or breaking. Of that, 16% claimed that the specific dream is recurring. 

Dreams where your teeth fall out can have a variety of hidden meanings. Some believe that it symbolizes the loss of something, such as a job or a relationship, and that the loss was likely traumatic. Our teeth are essential to our everyday lives, allowing us to eat and speak properly. If we were to lose them one day, it would be traumatic as well. 


Others believe that dreams about losing our teeth could represent a feeling that one is losing control. One psychological report found that college students who experienced dreams about teeth loss were more likely to feel out of control in their own lives. 

However, researchers believe there is a more scientific explanation for dreams about teeth falling out. Some people may experience sensations in their teeth, such as pain or sensitivity, as they dream. Therefore, their teeth appear in their nightly dreams since they unconsciously think about them. 

The most common dream in Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, and Germany is about pregnancy. 

Ladies, have you ever dreamt about being pregnant despite not wanting or having any children of your own or never being pregnant in the physical world? If so, you’re not alone. 


Many women in these countries often have dreams where their bellies are swollen, and they can feel kicks inside them as they sleep. However, the dream is not a sign that you are pregnant and should not be taken as one. 

When a woman goes through pregnancy, her body literally experiences physical growth to accommodate her unborn baby, who is also growing. Pregnancy dreams can mean that a certain aspect of yourself is also growing.

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“Generally, dreaming about pregnancy when you’re not actually pregnant could reflect personal growth, transformation, or the anticipation of a significant life change or event that is on the horizon,” Athena Laz, a dream analyst and the author of “The Alchemy of Your Dreams: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Art of Lucid Dreaming and Interpretation,” told Today

If your dream ends with you giving birth, it could represent new beginnings in your life. While it is likely not a baby, it could be a move to a new state, a new relationship, a new job, or a new career path. 

“A dream like this may suggest that you are in the process (or about to) give birth to something that will bring "new life" into your world,” Laz added. 

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The most common dream in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bangladesh, and the Republic of the Congo is about marriage. 

Like pregnancy dreams, you do not have to be married or get married to dream about the subject. Also, like pregnancy dreams, marriage dreams could signify an important change in your life. 

According to DreamApp, there are several spiritual meanings behind dreams about marriage. 

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While marriage is an exciting milestone for many couples, it can signify the end of individualism for some people. 

Dreaming about marriage can mean feeling overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities. Whether it be a job, relationship, or other life demands, when you have little breathing room for yourself, it can feel like a never-ending commitment (like marriage). 

However, it doesn’t always resemble something stressful or bad happening in your life. You could be simply dreaming about marriage because you have the desire to be married one day and believe in true love and partnership. 

Dreaming about marriage could also signify the unification of opposite aspects in your life, such as work-life balance, routine, spontaneity, and balancing tradition and innovation. 


The most common dream in Mexico, France, and Madagascar is about ex-partners. 

Depending on your relationship with your ex, you will either wake up relieved or yearn for them. 

Having your ex appear in a dream could have different meanings. 

It could suggest that someone in your current life evokes the same emotions that your ex once did, whether the feelings are romantic or not. They could also be a warning that your current partner is repeating some of the same problematic behaviors that caused the relationship with your ex to end in the first place. 

Some dream analysts believe that dreaming of your ex means that you desire the feelings your ex used to bring out while you were together


“Let’s say your ex was super into travel and adventure. This is your soul communicating to you that you are missing that in your life,” Physic medium Amanda Lieber said in a TikTok video. “You want spontaneity and adventure. [The dream] is just a little nudge for you to go out and get it.” 



However, these dreams could also mean that you miss your ex and have been thinking about them recently. 

The interpretation of dreams has been debated for centuries, with various perspectives and theories offered by different cultures, religions, and psychological schools of thought. 

The belief of whether or not dreams have specific meanings depends on individual beliefs, cultural interpretations, and personal experiences. 


It is important to note that while some people find value in exploring the symbolism and themes of their dreams for self-reflection and insight, others may simply view dreams as fleeting experiences with no inherent significance. 

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