What The Side Of The Bed You Sleep On Says About Your Personality

Choosing one side might mean you're happier than those sleeping on the other side.

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Getting a good night’s sleep plays a major role in how we approach the next day. Do we hop out of bed, ready to drink that first cup of coffee? Or do we hit the snooze button, trying to get a few extra minutes of shut-eye?

How many of us have been told that we've woken up on the "wrong side" of the bed if we're in a bad mood? Having a solid sleep hygiene routine can be the key to sleeping well, but that's not the only factor at play regarding how we sleep. Research has shown that where we sleep speaks volumes about who we are.


The side of the bed you sleep on says different things about aspects of your personality.

According to a TikTok post from podcast hosts Ryan and Daniel Omoto, sleep expert and psychologist Hope Bastine found in certain studies that the side of the bed a person sleeps on says a lot about who they are as a person. 



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While left-side sleepers are happier, right-side sleepers are more grounded and more prepared for difficult situations.

Bastine found that people who sleep on the left side of the bed are more cheerful, more confident, and are harder workers. People who sleep on the right side of the bed tend to be more grounded and make more money than left-side sleepers. 

The Omoto siblings refer to another study in that same TikTok post, stating that people who sleep on the right side of the bed are more logical and analytical, and people sleeping on the left side of the bed are more creative and imaginative. 

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In an article from Cosmopolitan, Bastine stated that “people who sleep on the left are likely to be more cheerful than their right-side counterparts." She also noted that those sleeping on the left tend to be “more capable at dealing with a heavy workload, which means they’re not as easily phased by a stressful day. Those who sleep on the left believe they are calmer than their partner in a crisis and are more confident in general."

In 2012, a hotel chain based in the UK called Premier Inn conducted a survey of 3,000 adults’ sleep habits. 75% of the participants reported feeling strange when they slept on the other “wrong” side of the bed. 25% reported that sleeping on the “wrong” side affected their mood the following day.

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Of course, there are various other factors to take into account when choosing which side of the bed to sleep on — noise level, light, and proximity to a door. Sometimes, just lying in bed for the sake of being in bed is a healthy option for recharging.

The overall consensus on sleep is that forming habits around getting sleep is healthy, so sticking to one side of the bed or the other just might help you drift off easier, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow. 

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