8 Tiny Mental Habits That Make You Wiser Than Most

You have to nurture your wisdom.

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Having wisdom means you just "get it." Wise people see things for what they are and cut through the noise. They are aligned with how things work at their core, and this is why people seek them out. But how do you nurture your wisdom?

Here are 8 tiny mental habits that make you wiser than most:

1. You nurture continual curiosity

Without nurturing continual curiosity it’s impossible to develop a deep wisdom that sets you apart. A lot of this emerges naturally. But it just as quickly gets crushed in the rush of the everyday. As such, we can view curiosity as a habit that must be maintained and fed daily. The more curious you are, the more curious you become. This will not only deepen your wisdom — it will keep your mind out of your ruminations.


2. Fantasy makes you uneasy

More people than we think are ruled by fantasy. The media plays a huge role in creating the sense that the world is a frightening and hostile place when it is not. This drives people to escape, and fantasy is the apparent elixir to this illusory pain — even if it takes the form of yet more fake news. These people are at the mercy of deception because they rarely see things for what they are. Wise people are realists, and fantasy makes them uneasy.


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3. You never stop asking why

Most people are content with the surface level. Either they don’t care enough to go deeper, they don’t want to ‘rock the boat,’ or they’re simply too busy to find out. Wise people aren’t satisfied with surface details. They follow through in their inquiries. They ask probing questions. They know that the juicy stuff lies at the heart. The root is where truth and leverage exist. Like curious five-year-olds, wise people never stop asking: "But, why?"

4. You let go of unhelpful thoughts

Wise people are acutely aware of the distracting nature of our thoughts. They know that true insight comes when incessant personal thinking is eased to give space in the mind for true intelligence to come through. They continually practice the art of letting go of unhelpful thoughts to connect with inner wisdom. They're not afraid to acknowledge and work with the spiritual aspect of intelligence.

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5. You look for real solutions

People seek out wise people when they have problems that need solving. These people become wise, not because they have a rosy and therefore deluded view of the world, but because they are driven to find real solutions to problems. They are in the business of wisdom because they can genuinely help. I’d be out of work as a writer and coach if I couldn’t find genuine solutions for my clients. When you continually look for solutions that work, your thinking stays sharp, and you develop massive potential value.

6. You take risks

The stereotype of wise souls is often someone who sits around not doing much. However, the wise owl has been hunting mice and dodging foxes all day. The smartest people actively fill their lives with risk. They are not reckless, but they take calculated, bold steps at the edges of comfort. If they didn’t, they would do as most others do: stay safe and gather very little new information rooted in experience.

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7. You gather knowledge

Wise people couple real-world activity and experience with voracious knowledge-gathering, whether from books, mentors, courses, or videos. They go deep into particular topics, but they also dip into areas outside their chosen area of focus to see new connections and create interesting ‘knowledge hybrids’ that others fail to see. They commit time daily to absorbing more information, not for the sake of it, but because it adds to their ability to contribute and find solutions.

8. They value what people do, not what they say

The truth you are looking for is rarely found through what someone is telling you. A promise or brag must always be taken with a grain of salt. Learn, instead, from what people do. People-watch like a hawk and you will set yourself apart in your acquired real-world understanding. It is one’s actions that show us what is happening. Action shows us the truth, and truth lies at the heart of clarity, understanding, and thus wisdom.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.