What Wearing Rings On Each Of Your Fingers Means

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While many people wear rings on their fingers simply because they like jewelry, in different cultures the specific finger you wear a ring on can say a lot about you, your relationship status, and your lifestyle.

For example, we know very well that an engagement ring goes on your left ring finger — but did you know the reason why?

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And engagement rings aren’t the only ones with subtle meanings that differ depending on which finger of which hand you wear them on.

Read on to find out what wearing rings on each of your fingers means.

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Meaning of Rings on Pinky Fingers

According to palmistry beliefs, the pinky finger is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Therefore, rings on the pinky fingers, commonly referred to as pinky rings, are thought to symbolize the wearer’s intelligence and knack for negotiation.

Left Pinky Finger Ring Meaning

Marital Status: In the 19th and early 20th centuries, married men would wear their wedding rings on their left pinky fingers. The wedding rings were often accompanied by the man’s signet ring, which is a personalized ring often engraved with things such as his initials or family crest.

Mafia Ties: Though no longer widely popular for men, signet rings are still worn by men thought to be involved in organized crime. They’re often depicted as being worn on the left pinky finger to indicate affiliation.

Right Pinky Finger Ring Meaning

Professional Status: Students of some professions receive rings upon graduation to wear on their right pinky fingers.

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Meaning of Rings on Ring Fingers

The ring finger is ruled by the Sun, the dominant planet. It symbolizes love, romance, and emotions, so it’s not surprising that’s where many cultures place their engagement and wedding rings!

Left Ring Finger Ring Meaning

Relationship Status: Of course, we know that the left ring finger is reserved for wedding and engagement rings in many cultures. This became the “ring finger” based on the ancient Roman belief that a vein, called the “vein of love,” travels from this finger to the heart.

Seeing a ring on someone’s ring finger, whether it’s a wedding band, engagement ring, or promise ring, is a good sign that they’re in a committed relationship.

When married, the wife typically wears both the wedding band and engagement ring on the left ring finger with the wedding band stacked first as it’s closer to the heart.

If you’re single but like the way rings look on this particular finger, beware: wearing a ring on your ring finger when you’re in a relationship is said to be bad luck.

Right Ring Finger Ring Meaning

Relationship Status: While Western cultures reserve the left ring finger for wedding bands and the like, in some countries such as Russia and India, these types of rings go on the right ring finger, though the meaning remains the same.

In Irish culture, single people often wear the Irish Claddagh ring on their right ring finger with the tip of the heart facing away from the body. People in a relationship wear the ring with the tip of the heart facing the body.

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Meaning of Rings on Middle Fingers

The middle finger is ruled by Saturn, the planet of patience, wisdom, and justice.

Left Middle Finger Ring Meaning

Relationship Status: In Ireland, when you’re engaged, you wear the Irish Claddagh ring on the middle finger of your left hand with the tip of the heart facing away from the body. When you’re married, you turn the ring around so the tip of the heart is facing you.

Right Middle Finger Ring Meaning

Personal Identity: The middle fingers of both hands are thought to represent personal identity and soul-searching.

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Meanings of Rings on Index Fingers

The index finger is ruled by Jupiter, which symbolizes power, self-confidence, and leadership.

Left Index Finger Ring Meaning

Social Status: Hundreds of years ago, kings, queens, and other members of royalty would wear their family crests on rings located on their left index fingers, while members of the community below a certain social status couldn’t wear rings at all.

Right Index Finger Ring Meaning

Relationship Status: In Judaism, the right index finger symbolizes marriage. During traditional Jewish wedding ceremonies, the groom will place the wedding band on the bride’s right index finger.

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Meaning of Rings on Thumbs

Mars, the planet of energy, passion, and war, rules the thumb. In palmistry, the thumb is thought to represent logic and willpower.

Left Thumb Ring Meaning

Personality: The left hand is thought to reflect a person’s inner self, and wearing a ring on the left thumb is thought to help the wearer develop willpower and mental strength.

Right Thumb Ring Meaning

Social Status: Like signet rings worn on pink fingers, in many cultures, statement rings worn on the thumb often indicate a person’s wealth and social influence.

Masculinity: Hundreds of years ago, men wore archery rings on their thumbs to protect their hands from injuries while shooting the arrow. The thumb ring, therefore, evolved to become a symbol of courage and masculinity.

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