What A Girl Wearing A Pinky Ring Is Really Trying To Tell You

Who knew?

What A Girl Wearing A Pinky Ring Is Really Trying To Tell You Getty Images

Gone are the days where you have to wait for a man to buy you a fancy diamond ring as a declaration of his undying love. Because as we single ladies have learned while wading through the murky waters of Tinder and online dating, undying love from another person is pretty hard to come by. 

That's why we have ourselves! 

*cue the crickets and solo applause*

While people are sadly still trying to give women crap for loving ourselves (calling us conceited, selfish, spoiled little brats, etc.),  we've learned the best way to respond to that negativity is with another dose of self-love. 


The practice is different for everybody, and the options to do so are continuously growing to include every individual desire and need. In the words of my personal self-love role model, Tom Haverford, you just gotta "treat yo'self." 

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Massages, warm bathes and mediation are great, but what about some statement jewelry? And I'm not talking a big chunky necklace that itchiest your collarbone when you wear it (true story), I'm talking an engagement ring, to yourself. 

Fred + Far recently unveiled a gorgeous and luxurious way to tell the world "I LOVE ME," that fits perfectly on your pinky finger.  The Self Love Pinky Ring is a pinky promise you make to yourself to choose yourself, honor yourself, and remember yourself on a daily basis.  


Designers Melody and Samira ask us women to do buy the ring with the intention of doing the following: 

"Reclaim yourself. Wear a symbol of belonging. To yourself. Redeem yourself. Carve out a moment to delight. To discover. To be. Remember yourself. You're the catalyst. You're the cause. You're the one. Engage yourself. In life. In love. In health. Revive yourself."

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While the ring itself is a little pricey — they cost between $150 and $325 depending on size and color — the message it sends is priceless.

You don't need to wait for a man or any other person to recognize the love and beauty within yourself. 


You alone are capable of recognizing and bringing out that love you have inside you. 

Whether you're looking for some new pinky jewelry, or you want to make a big commitment to do some serious soul searching, this ring could be the motivation you need to make some real life changes. 

No matter what you're planning on spending when it comes to yourself I think we can all agree, that self love is worth every penny. 


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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on July 22, 2016 and was updated with the latest information.