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Matchmaker Shares 'Formula' For The Perfect Holiday Gift For A Man

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Can we be honest and admit that the saying “It’s more rewarding to give gifts than it is to receive them” is only true for the wildly talented gift-givers who constantly get the validation of being the “professional” holiday shopper in every friend group?    

When you’re new to a relationship or just met a new friend, finding a gift for them can be easy. You can get away with a generic gift when you have a surface-level connection. But bad gift-givers with long-term connections are out of luck. For these people, finding gifts for parents or long-term partners is especially difficult. 

If that’s you — no shame! One matchmaker online understands the difficulty and pressure of gift-giving for special people in your life and shared advice that can help bolster your confidence during the holiday season. 

This matchmaker shared her ‘formula’ for crafting the perfect holiday gift for a man you’ve been dating for over a year. 

Maria Avgitidis Pyrgiotakis, a popular matchmaker online, shared her thoughts on gift-giving in a recent Instagram Reel. 

With years of experience and a generational trio of matchmakers in her family, Pyrgiotakis is well-equipped in the field of love. Whether it’s building connections, maintaining healthy relationships, or — most importantly — giving a flawless gift during the holidays, she has the perfect advice to guide you. 

Whether you’ve been together for 12 months or 12 years, her advice regarding the perfect combo of gifts can help make this tumultuous time of gift exchanges a little less stressful.

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The first part of the gift is a full outfit, complete with new pants, a shirt, and a belt. 

The first piece of advice she shared for partners with boyfriends is to gift them an entirely new outfit, complete with all the essentials. While controversial online, gifting your partner clothes can be a great way to open them up to new styles or brands without forcing them to spend their own money. It’s one of the more fundamental gift-giving rules — get them something that they “want” but would never buy for themselves. 



Many creators online are passionate about this gifting idea and suggest using it as an opportunity to “up” your boyfriend’s style or finally give him a luxury piece that he’ll hold onto forever (of course, as an added perk, he’ll always be reminded of you). 

For some, the thought of buying clothes for their partners is unsettling — “I’m not their mom,” one commenter wrote under the matchmaker’s post. Regardless of your thoughts, clothing is an essential part of holiday gift guides and can be easily tailored to fit the uniqueness of your partner

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The second gift Pyrgiotakis suggested is a 'really, really nice coffee table book.'  

A luxury, tasteful, and unique coffee table book is an interesting way to plug your boyfriend’s talents, passions, and interests. It not only adds a craftful aesthetic to your partner’s home but can also be a great conversation starter

Whether it’s your in-laws or some friends who point out the book, you’ll give the gift that “keeps on giving” — for you. Seeing his face light up when they talk about something they’re passionate about will be worth whatever amount of money you spend on the gift. 



Of course, there are affordable ways to find the perfect coffee table book — while some creators online can craft unique ones just for you, thrift stores and discount bookstores often carry just the right centerpiece. 

Thirdly, the matchmaker recommended a self-care-related gift.

The gift of skin care or a self-care essential is a vital aspect of this matchmaker’s guide. Pyrgiotakis shared that she got her boyfriend cologne last year to satisfy the requirement. 



While your boyfriend might be prone to judging your face masks or teasing you about your “slugging routine,” chances are he just wants in on the fun. 

You know your partner best, that’s what it comes down to — so whether you get him skin care, cologne, or a new comforter (you know he needs one), find something that he’ll definitely use and might also share

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This formula isn’t complete with a ‘joke gift’ — something funny to get you both laughing. 

While her co-host on the podcast revealed her “gag gift” to be a metal “head scratcher” — the matchmaker said there's tons of room for creativity with this gift. 

Have some fun with this one — even if you're not doing a white elephant this year, find something that’s inevitably going to make you laugh. Ideally, the gift is also functional, but if the inside joke is good enough, it’s not necessary. 

Hopefully, this matchmaker's advice can help minimize at least a little of your holiday shopping-related stress. Gift-giving is meant to be carefree and fun, but a little guidance doesn't hurt.

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