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Man Wraps Wife's Present In A 'Contraption' That Took 6 Hours To Open — After Seeing The Gift, People Think He's Rude

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Man giving woman Christmas gift

A husband’s Christmas gift to his wife has sparked some major concerns from people online.

After the man, who goes by B on TikTok, shared several video clips detailing the process of his wife opening his complicated gift, many people were quick to label his choice as inappropriate. 

The man used a complicated contraption to ‘wrap’ his wife’s Christmas gift, which took her six hours to open. 

In the video that has been viewed over 2 million times, the man recorded his wife attempting to open her Christmas gift from him, which at first glance simply looked like a large box. However, once she began removing the wrapping paper, she discovered that she was far from done opening her gift.



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Inside the first box was a complicated metal contraption that the woman had to unlock herself in order to obtain her actual present, a wrapped gift box placed in the middle. Since it appeared as if the gift was caged in, his wife began unscrewing the metal bars one by one, a process she revealed took six hours. 

"My hands are numb," she said after. 



When the woman was finally able to retrieve her gift, she opened it and appeared to be pleasantly surprised by what she found inside. 

The woman received four hardcover books from her husband. “I have heard very good things about these books,” she claimed. 



However, most viewers were less impressed by the gift the woman spent half her day attempting to open.

Many believed that she deserved more than just books after all of her hard work. 

“This feels sadistic,” one TikTok user commented. “I’m a reader and I was disappointed,” another user shared. “I would never do this to my wife. You want the day to be as relaxing as possible. Christmas is chaotic enough already,” a third user noted. 

This is not the first time the man has gone to extreme measures when it comes to gift wrapping. During the previous holiday season, he had his wife spend an hour unwrapping a box encased in saran wrap. Inside was the "Harry Potter" book series. 



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Despite the opinions of TikTok users, the woman claimed she was unbothered by her husband’s complicated gift-opening ideas. 

“He asked me if we could do this before we started dating, and I said yes,” the woman shared in a follow-up video. 

Not only did the woman approve of her husband’s idea, but she also shared that she is an avid reader who will always be happy getting a set of books for Christmas — no matter how much time she spends opening them. 



“We don’t open them [the gifts] on Christmas Day,” she added. “We have family over, we don’t got time for that.” 

The woman shared that she opened the gift two days before Christmas and that the process was far from difficult for her. "I sat there playing with a giant fidget toy for six hours," she said. During that time, she was eating her favorite candy that her husband bought for her and binge-watching a new show. 

Meanwhile, her husband tidied up the house and put more (hopefully easier to open) gifts under the tree. 

Her husband is already planning his next contraption for the following Christmas and is calling on viewers for ideas (Just nothing that involves power tools!).

Although some of us may not see the appeal of working on a complicated puzzle just to open a gift, it's something that this couple clearly enjoys, and does not view as a waste of time. Everyone has their own unique holiday traditions, and this one, though unconventional, isn't hurting anyone. 

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