Kind Woman Goes Above & Beyond To Help A Stray Cat With A Broken Paw — Until The Vet Delivered News She Wasn't Prepared For

Cats are lovable but strange creatures.

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After a woman noticed a cat limping in her neighborhood, she took the stray into her home and showered her with affection and care. 

She only discovered what was really happening with the sneaky cat when she brought her to the veterinarian. 

The woman noticed that the stray cat appeared to have a broken paw. 

In a TikTok video, the woman (@whiskeyrabbitart) revealed that one of her neighborhood stray cats, who usually strolled by her house to be fed, was refusing to walk on one of her front paws. The paw looked as if it was broken. 


The woman graciously took the cat into her own home where she took great care of her, who she initially believed was a him. “We got him trapped, we got him inside, we tried to get him comfy until we got a litter box,” the woman shared. 

She placed the cat into a cage and gave him something to eat. Even though she was gazing up at her, the woman could tell that she was afraid of people.



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“He probably thinks we murder cats for a living,” the woman said sarcastically, noting that her other cat often whined loudly for attention. 

The cat chose to remain inside the cage, and the woman had to bribe her with food to move so that she could clean the litter box. 

kind woman goes above and beyond to help a stray cat with a broken pawPhoto: LRuthven / Canva Pro


Since the cat appeared to be hurt, the woman made a call to the veterinarian’s office. Before bringing her in and explaining what the problem was, the woman was told that the veterinarian would either have to reset the cat’s paw or amputate it. 

To pay off the cat’s medical bills, the woman started a fundraiser where she began selling custom-made pillows online.

All of the proceeds would go toward the surgery should she have to undergo one. 

In a follow-up video, with a rather ominous start, she revealed the cat’s unexpected fate. “There is nothing I can say that is going to prepare you for the end of this video,” the woman claimed. 

Not only did the woman learn at the vet’s office that the male cat was female and that she was a calico instead of a tabby, but she also discovered that the cat’s paw was fine. X-ray results demonstrated the proof. 




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“Not only was she born like this, she walked around that vet room with complete confidence, calling me a liar,” the woman revealed. “They said that she probably tore a ligament, and that’s why she’s limping, but she is fine!” 

The woman ultimately decided to keep her, and it was only appropriate to give her the name “Faker” after her epic stunt. “It’s gonna take me until January to pick my jaw up off the floor,” she admitted. 


kind woman goes above and beyond to help a stray cat with a broken pawPhoto: AnaCorpus / Canva Pro

Animal behavioralists believe that some cats will fake an injury because they know it will get them an additional amount of sympathy and attention. 


Even if they injure themselves and eventually heal, they will remember how they were treated when they were unwell and may demonstrate signs that may lead us to believe that they are hurt. 

Since most of us cannot resist those adorable faces and purrs that show us just how much they love us, this cat’s plan to get sympathy and a forever home was successful! 

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