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Husband Boarded Flight Alone & Left His Wife Behind Because She Insisted On Getting Starbucks After He Said They Didn't Have Time

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Would you ever board a flight without your spouse because they struggle with time management?

In this case, a husband was going to visit his daughter and left his wife behind because his wife insisted that getting a cup of coffee before getting on the flight was more important.

The husband boarded a flight and departed without his wife because she insisted on getting Starbucks at the airport.

In a Reddit post, the 47-year-old husband described the situation he was in while trying to go see his 21-year-old daughter, who was at college.

The husband had not seen his daughter for about three months. Usually, they visited her a couple of times a semester, but it had been difficult because they live on the West Coast while his daughter goes to college on the East Coast.

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The husband explained that he is a very "type A" person; he likes to have everything organized and hates to be late. However, his wife, his daughter's stepmother, is the complete opposite. She has what he describes as a “go with the flow” attitude. Although he tries to work around her personality, he does not put up with it when it comes to traveling.

Husband Boarded Flight Alone And Left His Wife Behind To Get StarbucksPhoto: Prostock-studio / Shutterstock

He explained that last year, there was an incident when they were going to fly out to see his daughter, but as soon as they got to the airport and went through security, it was too late. The gate to their flight had already closed.

“It took me attempting to wake her up five times before she eventually got up at 7:40 a.m., then wanted to make coffee, shower, and eat a bowl of cereal,” he wrote.

His daughter was very disappointed that they lost two days with her, so the husband was very determined not to disappoint her again. 

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The tardy wife managed to make their first flight without a problem, but their connecting flight was another story.

Once they got to their terminal, they had about 15 minutes before they boarded the plane for the last leg of their journey.

The wife wanted coffee, and luckily, there was a little market right next to their terminal. The husband even offered to go grab it for her, but she insisted on going to Starbucks, which wasn't close to their gate.

“I told her we couldn’t do that; we didn’t have enough time,” he wrote.

However, she was determined, and went without him. 

Husband Boarded Flight Alone And Left His Wife Behind To Get StarbucksPhoto: Iryna Gyrych / Shutterstock 

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15 minutes went by, and his wife was nowhere to be found. As the flight was boarding, he called her four times to ask where she was. On the last call, she picked up the phone, stating she was on her way to the terminal. She explained that the Starbucks line was so long that it took a while for her to order.

The husband explained to the gate attendant that his wife was coming, but she warned him that couldn't hold up the flight. So, he boarded the plane without her and left his wife behind. A few minutes later, his wife called, saying that they wouldn’t let her through the gate because the plane had already left and that he needed to get off the plane so he could be with her, but he refused.

“I said I told you we didn’t have time, but you decided to go anyway,” he argued. “I told her to go purchase a new ticket for the next flight, and I would see her when she arrived.”

The wife said he should not have left her stranded in another state.

Once she finally arrived at her stepdaughter's school, she had nothing to say to her husband. The husband thought she knew what she did was wrong and did not want to admit it, but he was wrong. After a week of the silent treatment, she finally told him that he was in the wrong for boarding the flight without her and letting her go on a different flight by herself.



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Ultimately, the wife was responsible for her own actions.

This case goes back to the basics of not just the responsibilities of being a parent but also of being a human being. 

The husband was doing everything he could to make sure his wife and daughter were not upset. He learned his lesson from last year: make sure his wife is out of the house by a certain time. He also learned that he has a responsibility as a parent to be there for his child when he says he will be there for her.

The wife did not think about anyone else but herself in the situation. She made her husband decide between her and his child when she decided that coffee was more important.

Hopefully, the wife learned that she needs to have better time management — otherwise, a similar situation might happen again.

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