How Numerology Made A Mess Of My New Home

I wasn't expecting this type of surprise ... maybe I should have been!

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In recent months, I have been looking for a new home. I wanted a house near trails, undeveloped land, and a certain aesthetic potential. I also considered the lot number and address of all the potential houses.

I have fun choosing the energy that I am surrounded by.

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Super simple math reveals the energetic number of addresses, phone numbers, and anything that has numbers representing them. For example, an address of 1234 Smith Street, would add up to 10. 1+2+3+4 = 10. The next step is to add the 1 and 0 up. This gives you the number 1. On a side note, you can add up your birth date and discover your life path number.


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My new home had the vibrational energy of number 9 helping me in this new phase of life. Yay! This represented closure, leveling up, and endings. I was ready to celebrate! Goodbye to the very taxing emotional currents of my most recent life. Ye Haw


My basking in the energy of completion was short-lived. When I began changing the utilities into my name, I discovered my new home has two addresses. One address added up to the number 5 and the other address added up to 9. This curious situation occurred when it was first built.

I could not believe the irony of celebrating completion, only to discover the energy of the number 5, which represents change, was still churning away in my life. Of course, I see the humor in this, but I am hoping that the energy of the number 5 is tempered by the energetic influence of nine.

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Energy of numbers

Mathematics looks at the relationship between things. Numerology and astrology use mathematics to explore the connection between things. Imagine that you live in a home with the energy of number 1. You will be basking in energy that helps you with fresh starts, and you will have divine support. Maybe you will begin a business that thrives and has many entrepreneurial experiences. The numbers are like a little boost of a particular vibrational charge, straight into your life.

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Ways to explore your numbers

Have fun exploring the numbers in your life. Check out your address, the address of employment, and even your wedding date. Most importantly use this concept with an open mind. Like astrology and other metaphysical tools, do not give your power away, instead look at how there are connections between you and everything in your life.

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