19 Hobbies That Immediately Boost A Guy's Sex Appeal

Turn us on outside of the bedroom with these sexy hobbies.

Last updated on Feb 02, 2023

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Just like women, men can woo with their extra skills.

Dudes can do things that'll make any woman weak in the knees, even out of the bedroom.

So gents, if you want our attention, here are some ways you can make your spare time sexy.

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Here are 19 hobbies that boost a guy's sex appeal:

1. Volunteer Fireman/Military Reserves

So noble, so sexy. Come and get us in the uniform. 

2. Photographer/artist/filmmaker

You chase beauty and us. That’s so flattering that you can get a chick naked just by saying it’s for "art."

3. Dancer

If you’re the second coming of '70s John Travolta, well then, you're going to have to beat the honey off with a stick. Whether you've got two left feet or smooth moves, as long as you ask us to dance, we’ll heart getting close to you. 

4. Bookworm

Enjoying books makes you seem smart and sensitive, a winning combination. Plus, then we can fantasize about distracting you between the stacks at the library.


5. McGuyver

If you can rig or craft stuff, you can be our private handyman.

6. Board member

Power is an aphrodisiac. Even if you rule just a small local organization if you're in a good public position someone will want to see your show of strength/compassion in the sack.

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7. Daredevil

There's just something irresistible about a man who takes risks, lives on the edge, and goes with his gut. You might have your eyes focused on speeding your hot rod down the road, but all we see is your passion and we want in on that. 

8. Chef

The way to a woman's heart is also through her stomach. See, we're not all that different are we?


9. Babysitter

You like to show your nieces and nephews a fun time. Sign us up next!  Double bonus for coaches or big brother mentors. 

10. Speaking more than one language

Turns out you're actually speaking the international language of love.

11. Band member

Musicians are insta-hot. Although, if your band sucks, you won't seem as doable.

12. Sports player

While women might be accused of not paying enough attention to balls, if you're a man who can play with an extra one, you'll get our attention. Dang, even dudes who do croquet look sexy to us.

13. Handyman

If you can give a great massage, we know you really can help us relax.

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14. Martial artist

Precision, strength, patience, a desire to defend the things you love—you are clearly a master. Let's spar sans pants so you can teach us a few moves.

15. Sartorialist 

Our Mind Of Man might not give a rat's booty, but every girl is crazy about a sharp-dressed man.

16. Gym-goer

Specifically, pumping iron. It's shallow, sure, but a gun show makes us wanna say, "Let's get physical."


17. Pilot

If you're a pilot, for fun even, we'll happily help you join the mile-high club.

18. Biker

Doesn't have to be a motorcycle; you can win our hearts on a Schwinn too. Basically, anything with two wheels makes you look like the hottest thing on two legs.

19. Landscaper

Take off your shirt and bend the earth to your will. Our adoration will grow too.

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