9 Ways To Feng Shui Your Bedroom For Better Sex & Intimacy

Feng Shui can help your sex life!

Spice Up Your Sex Life & Increase Libido & Intimacy With Feng Shui In The Bedroom Pexels 

Looking for ways to spice up your sex life and create a more romantic atmosphere in the bedroom? Maybe you want to kick things up a notch to enjoy better and more romantic sex. Perhaps you want to boost libido and increase intimacy. Feng Shui basics can help with that!

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What is Feng Shui?

Some elements of this ancient Chinese art date back as far as 6,000 years. Feng Shui is the practice of creating a harmonious flow of energy. By thoughtfully placing furniture and other accessories, and avoiding items which can be draining, you ensure a smooth flow and attract good fortune at the same time. That’s just what you want in the bedroom right?

Much of Feng Shui originated for protection and safety. For example, when you sit at a desk in an office, you want a clear view of the door to the room, with your back to the wall. This is called the “command” position which ensures you could see an intruder and not worry about your back. That is the basis for many of the Feng Shui rules.


Here's how to use the Feng Shui basics to spice up your sex life and create more intimacy with your partner. 

1. Position your bed

The best place to position your bed is with the head against a solid wall and a clear view of the doorway. If possible, avoid having the foot of the bed lining up the doorway which would allow the good the energy drain out of the room. What is considered ideal according to Feng Shui is to see the entire bed from a side view as you enter the room.

In addition, it’s best not to have a window directly behind your bed since that also allows the good energy to leak out. If you can’t avoid the window, be sure you have a strong headboard. Sometimes you don’t have a lot of choice, so for these two suggestions just do the best you can.

2. Clear the clutter

If you want more romance, intimacy and attention, the Feng Shui remedy requires clearing away all distractions. That means getting rid of those piles of papers and books. It's also time to say goodbye to loads of stuffed animals or too many frilly pillows. The reason is to make sure there is room on the bed for you and your man!


If you have storage bins with clothing, find another place to stash them. This space needs to be free and clear, so nothing stops the energy flow beneath you. 

3. Eliminate electronics

If you’re hoping to create a warm atmosphere for better sex, get rid of all your electronic devices. OK you can keep your clock, but if you must have a TV or computer etc., tuck them away in a cabinet. Why let any attention slip away to video games or the dreary news? Not in your boudoir!

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4. Create balance

To promote balance in the bedroom for great sex, be sure to have the same night stand on either side of the bed. You want them to be equal in size so neither of you has more energy than the other.


Feng Shui basics suggest that you don't push the side of your bed up against a wall. Leave plenty of room to walk around comfortably and for the nightstand. In addition, keep the drawer in one of the night tables empty, creating room energetically for a partner if you don’t currently have one.

5. Choose the right art

If you want to create an inviting space for intimacy, Feng Shui rules encourage you to choose your artwork thoughtfully. Go for peaceful landscapes or calm water and ocean scenes. Avoid any artwork that depicts violence, brewing storms or discord because that is the energy that would be brought into the room. You want to promote love not war, right?

Taking this a step further, Feng Shui suggests that if there are people in the art, make sure it’s not a single woman which reinforces independence and being alone. Instead look for paintings or prints that feature couples or pairs of items to promote a healthy relationship.

Surprisingly, your bedroom is not the place for family photos, showing other couples or even your parents. Focus on you in this private sanctuary if you’re hoping for hot loving.


6. Remove energy drains

There are a number of additional things that could potentially power down the energy and passion from your bedroom. For example, if you have a master bath doorway that's easily seen from your bed, keep that door closed. The last thing you want is for your love and libido to go down the toilet!

Sadly, dried flowers are actually dead which definitely dimishes the life force in the area around them. That won't do! On the other hand, fresh flowers add vibrancy and life force and silk flowers contribute color, texture and beauty.

One of the essential Feng Shui rules is to never hang a mirror in the bedroom. With it's reflective powers, the energy bounces all around causing restlessness and intensifying worry or stress. Being practical, you want to be able to see how you look in your clothes, so hide the mirror behind a door or inside an armoire if possible. At the very least, be sure you can’t see yourelf in the mirror from the bed.

Another Feng Shui basic is to avoid sharp or pointy objects. Anything like a cactus which is prickly or even a sculpture or lighting that has lots of spikes or angles will agitate the energy flow – not something that will promote your sweet love making.


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7. Banish your ex

According to Feng Shui basics, one way to extinquish the mood in your bedroom is to hold onto gifts from your ex. If you're with a new lover, don’t let old gifts, photos or other mementos hang around. Pack them away or better yet, toss them or give them away.

Since things didn't work out, why allow that energy to stay in your boudoir? Start fresh and allow the energy of new love to build and blossom.

8. Appeal to your senses

Set the mood by playing sultry music. You might enjoy jazz or acoustic guitar - whatever you prefer, musics sets a mood. This is also true about lighting. Candles with their flickering dim light always create a highly romantic setting and can cause desire to rise.


Add fragrance, which could be done by wearing perfume or cologne or lighting scented candles or incense. Good choices to amp up your intimmate activities are sandalwood, neroli and jasmine.The mores senses you appeal to, the higher desire and sex drive will climb.

9. Apply Black Hat Feng Shui

If you want more passion, here’s a little-known trick from a sect of Feng Shui called “Black Hat” which is the westernized version. Place a long red ribbon between the mattress and box spring of your bed on the side where your lover sleeps.

This will increase his passion and energy naturally and improve the connection between you. For the best results, let this be your little secret, so your man doesn’t feel  uncomfortable or manipulated. Then watch things heat up as you enjoy the better sex life you dream of.


Now you have nine Feng Shui methods to create more romantic energy in your bedroom and heat up your sex life. With a history that dates back thousands of years, there’s definitely something to this ancient art of Feng Shui that's sure to rock your love nest.

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