'Opinionated' Groom Has A Long List Of What His Bride Can't Wear To Their Wedding

One bride had to consider more than just her own opinion when picking out her wedding dress.

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Some women dream about their future wedding dress almost as much as they imagine their future groom. Since they were young girls, they pictured themselves walking down the aisle in a white gown that made them feel nothing short of gorgeous.

When it comes to actually picking out this important dress, some brides want input from their groom, while others would rather keep it a complete surprise. For one Tennessee bride, her groom inserted himself a bit too much into the decision of the dress.


The groom created a list of things his bride was not allowed to wear to their wedding — and used his mom to enforce it.

Julianne Poe of Hendersonville, Tennessee decided to televise the special event of picking out her wedding dress on TLC’s "Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta." She brought several family members along with her, including her future mother-in-law, Tammy, who was there for one specific reason.



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Julianne’s fiancé, Jordan, was not at the bridal appointment, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t involved. “Jordan set some rules for me, and he also sent his mom with those ground rules,” Julianne said.

Jordan appeared more sure of what he was looking for in a wedding dress than Julianne was. She shared, “When I would show pictures of wedding dresses to Jordan, there were definitely a lot of no’s.”

The first dress Julianne tried on, a ball gown picked out by her mother, did not go over well with the bride. She felt it was not a good choice for their elopement in a national park. Tammy quickly shot it down as well, saying her son wouldn’t like it at all.



“He knows what he likes, and he knows what looks good on her as well,” Tammy said.


Julianne’s next dress was a more form-fitting lacy look. She seemed to love it in the changing room, but her future mother-in-law shook her head as soon as she saw it.

“Jordan told me his number one rule is no netting,” she reminded Julianne, referring to the high lace neckline that topped the dress. She further explained the reason behind Jordan’s list of requirements. “Jordan has worked in a men’s clothing store," she said. "And just has always had a great sense of fashion.”



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As soon as Julianne heard this, she changed her tune about the dress. “Now that it's on me, I really don’t love it,” she said. “I think the dress is beautiful, but I want to make him happy too.”

The third dress Julianne tried on was a lace ball gown with tulle straps. Even as she admired the dress, she said, “I can just hear his voice right there in my ear saying, ‘No, no lace up top.’” Ultimately, Julianne and her mother-in-law (and, presumably, Jordan) agreed on the dress as long as the straps were removed.



The groom’s strong opinions didn’t go over well with everyone.

While Julianne was ready to accommodate whatever Jordan wanted, the rest of her family did not seem so eager. They could be seen making faces of incredulity anytime his opinion was brought up, as could the staff at the bridal shop. 


Julianne’s mom said, “Jordan is opinionated, but ultimately it’s her decision to pick what’s special to her and what she feels beautiful wearing.”

Commenters on TikTok readily agreed with her. “He’s already controlling,” stated one user. “Fiancé is one big [red flag] after another,” someone else said.

While it's nice to make space for everyone’s opinions and feelings, it’s also important to remember whose day it is — and, in this case, who’s wearing the dress. Regardless, this bride certainly looked beautiful on her special day.


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