People With The Most Diverse Personality Type Share These 5 Dark Traits

They may be too intelligent for their own good.

Last updated on Mar 06, 2023

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ENTPs (which stands for Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Perception) are known as the most versatile, multi-talented and adaptable personalities. But just like the other Myers-Briggs types, the ENTP dark side hides right under the surface of their positive traits.

ENTP personalities were born to break social norms. They are excellent brainstormers, problem-solvers, and unique individuals; these quick thinkers are tremendously flexible, are always thinking ahead and coming up with original ideas, and have the incredible ability to connect disparate ideas to express their charm.


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Despite being spontaneous, curious, intelligent, original, persuasive, and adaptable to the world around them, the ENTP negative traits tend to rub other people the wrong way.

It's impossible to deny their high levels of intelligence and other redeeming qualities, but ENTPs do have their downfalls.


5 Negative Personality Traits of the ENTP's Dark Side

1. Argumentative

ENTPs have a tendency to argue with people. Arguments arise because ENTPs think they know everything and won't stop until they have proven their point, making the person they are arguing with feel small and uneducated.

ENTPs must realize that other people have different viewpoints and ways of looking at situations. Eventually, making someone feel less than will come back to bite them in the butt.

2. Insensitive

Whether they know it or not, ENTPs look down on people. In fact, it's one of their biggest negative traits. They look at other individuals and think of them as inferior, refusing to take the time to learn about others and their unique customs or lifestyles.

ENTPs generally just don't want to know about something unless it's about them. Not wanting to explore another person's beliefs comes off as ignorant and insensitive. But by learning about something other than themselves, ENTPs might be surprised by information they didn't know.


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3. Intolerant

ENTPs love to compliment themselves and surround themselves with individuals who match their own capabilities. When ENTPs encounter someone they believe doesn't match their skill set, they are quick to judge and become unfriendly.

It's more than normal to have friends with similar interests who may not be on the same level of intelligence. However, if ENTPs don't drop their intolerance, they may find themselves losing interest in their so-called friends.

4. Distracted

ENTPs find it difficult to focus and easily lose interest in projects; their constant flow of ideas make it impossible for them to complete tasks, switching from one to the other without bringing anything to a conclusion.


In their day to day execution of plans and ideas, it would be much easier if they prioritized their time to complete things in their entirety. And while many people find it hard to focus, ENTPs consider it more of a burden.

5. Illogical

Among the ENTP dark traits is their lack of practicality — they are not practical by any means. They don't use a rule book nor do they enjoy taking orders. Practical matters involving work, or even going out to have fun, can turn into a nightmare simply because they will never go with the flow.

They make simple situations into matters that are difficult to handle. And despite how frequently they are drawing on their accumulated knowledge of the world around them, not everything needs to be serious 100% of the time.


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