15 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles To Look Effortlessly Chic — In Minutes!

Want a fresh style for your locks? Look no further than variations on the classic ponytail.

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No longer are ponytails the lazy girl's hair go-to; instead, they're the perfect way to draw in style, accessories, and bring an overall look together. While ponytail hairstyles may appear simple, they require a good amount of time and planning to master.

From purchasing the right brush, hair elastics and clips, and styling products, it's clear that creating the "it" hair trend involves some thought. Luckily, there are many quick and easy ponytail styles to choose from.


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We've listed 15 of our favorite cute ponytail hairstyles and looks. Each is super simple and require minimal effort and time! Read on as we break down the simplest ways to re-create the perfect ponytail for your personal style.


15 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles for Every Occasion

1. Inside Out Ponytail



Also referred to as the inverted ponytail, while adding dimension and simultaneously hiding your hair tie, the inside out ponytail is a staple look. It looks rather complex, but only takes a few extra minutes to complete (and includes only one step more than your standard/traditional ponytail).

1. Brush through freshly washed and dried hair (for texture, try curling before application).

2. Start by brushing the hair back into a loose ponytail situated towards the middle of your head and down (not too high as you want the inverted ponytail to show).


3. Loosely apply your hair tie (use clear spiral hair ties to prevent from showing while also keeping the hair tied and secure). Keep the hair tie roughly a half an inch away from the scalp.

4. Create a hole by using your index finger in between the scalp and the hair tie. Perform this step slowly as you risk creating bumps and undoing any smoothness in the front of the ponytail.

5. Once there's a substantial hole, begin to bring the entire ponytail over and around through the hole.

6. To tighten, evenly pull on the ponytail once it's brought through.

7. Smooth and style as needed.

2. Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

This is the classic look to keep hair out of your face, but also showcase length, color, and style (whether curled, ironed or straightened). This is a popular look if spending the day or afternoon outdoors (not necessarily for workouts or physical activity).


1. Brush through freshly washed and dried hair (for texture, try curling or straightening before application).

2. Start by taking a comb or comb pick and draw a line across your scalp, starting from the top corner of one ear and bringing it towards the other.

3. Take the portion of hair above the line and brush through.

4. Bring back into a ponytail (use small hair ties or mini bands for smaller amounts of hair). For an advanced look, try using the inverted ponytail, as mentioned above for the half portion.

3. Double Dose of Bow Pony

Bring character and style to your hair by implementing various bows into the mix. That always classes up a look, right?


This brings a high level of sophistication to an overall look (when paired with the right outfit, of course) and is surprisingly simple to create.

1. Follow the steps above for the Half Up, Half Down Ponytail, as this is the first step to completing this look.

2. Instead of tying with an ordinary hair tie, finish with a bow barrette.

3. Next, gather the remaining hair below the ponytail and begin to bring that into a second low-hanging ponytail.

4. Once you tie together, finish off with a second bow barrette.

4. The High Ponytail



For being one of the easiest-to-do looks, the high ponytail is both versatile and stylish, and can complete any look for almost any occasion. This ponytail works for Saturdays at brunch or Fridays in the office, having a wide range of wear-ability.


1. Brush through freshly washed and dried hair (for texture, try curling before application).

2. Slightly tease back your hair to a 45 degree angle above your ears and tie.

3. Start to slowly bring any bangs, baby wisps, or framed angles out of the ponytail and surround your face.

5. Bubble Ponytail

An extremely fun and dimensional look, the bubble ponytail is ideal for those who have long hair and are looking for a unique style to bring it to life with additional volume. Watch the video above for direction and advice when it comes to creating the perfect bubbly ponytail.


Additionally, try and upgrade the look by hiding the hair tie by utilizing your own hair to wrap and secure around each section.

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6. Low Pigtails



Pigtail ponytails are a tricky look. Too high and you have others believing you're Pippi Longstocking. The way to secure your adult status while also rocking pigtails is to wear them low.


1. Brush through overnight with washed hair. It's recommended to curl the hair before repeating steps 2-5 to add texture and volume.

2. Start by separating the hair into two even sections.

3. Bring the first section of hair to a low ponytail underneath the left or right ear. Keep this area loose to avoid losing volume.

4. Repeat on the other side.

5. To help frame the face, bring loose hanging angles, bangs, or baby wisps out and around the ponytails.

7. The Twisted Stacked Ponytail

Similar to creating the high ponytail, the twisted and stacked ponytail follows the same guidelines but incorporates a hair accessory that creates both utility (by keeping the hair back) and fashion.


A perfect go-to for any music festival or day in the park, the twisted stacked ponytail works great with any neutral color tee, tank, or leotard. If wearing a patterned hair wrap, it would be a smart decision to stay away from bold colors or patterns in your apparel.

1. Follow the steps to the High Ponytail, but exclude the scrunchie and stick to a smaller hair-toned color tie.

2. Once the hair is tied back, place a headband or wrap around the hairline.

8. The Pull-Through Braid Ponytail

Take the traditional braid up a notch with this advanced and trending hair style: the pull through braid.


While this look is rather complicated and seen among many lifestyle and beauty influencers on Instagram, it doesn't have to be difficult to execute. With the help of Luxy Hair's tutorial, beginners are able to recreate this unique braided ponytail with ease.

9. Texturized Hidden Ponytail



"Ponytail hairstyles are far from boring when you know what to do!" says NYC based stylist Tony Odisho. "They can be made glamorous enough for weddings or upscale parties, so drop any ideas of them only being for workouts."

If you follow these steps, you can have a trendy ponytail hairstyle that will be your go-to:


1. Wash hair and apply mousse. On towel dried hair, apply volumizing mousse, concentrating on the roots.

2. Begin rough drying hair.

3. Apply serum. Pump a small amount of smoothing serum into your hands and rake through the hair to create a smooth and sleek look.

4. Finish rough drying hair. Finish blowout. Using a large round copper brush, finish drying the hair.

5. Curl hair. Using curling iron, begin to make curls and rake fingers through curls when finished.

6. Create the Half Ponytail. Pull back hair from the crown and twist around once. Then secure it with a rubber band.

7. Pull out to add volume. Gently pull on a few strands on the crown in order to boost volume and add some texture.


8. Twist side piece and secure in back. Twist the side piece upward and then pin back with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side.

9. Pull remaining hair into a ponytail. Secure with a rubber band.

10. Apply hairspray. This will create a workable hold so you can keep styling.

11. Tease it. Tease a couple pieces of the ponytail with a rat tail comb, as needed for volume and texture.

12. Flip ponytail upward and pin. Pinning a couple of pieces under the ponytail will lift it higher and add some more volume. Flip the hair back over and you’ve got a gorgeous, trendy, voluminous ponytail hairstyle. It’s a versatile look that can been worn casually or dressed up for special occasions.


10. Fish Tail Braid Ponytail

The fishtail braid is a must-know when it comes to application for popular and trendy ponytails. It's a wonderful way to showcase several layers of hair (versus the traditional braid) as the strokes are tighter and smaller.

Additionally, it's particularly beautiful for those who dye their hair with multiple color dimensions running through. In this video by the Beauty Depot, viewers get a clear look on how to recreate this iconic look.

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11. Peek-a-boo Beanie Tail

In the cooler months, there should be a fashion-forward way to wear our hair in a simple ponytail without compromising style and comfort. A BeanieTail hat makes it possible by leaving an opening for a high ponytail within the fabric.

To recreate this look, start forming a High Ponytail; instead of finishing with a scrunchie, finish with a hair-toned tie and the BeanieTail in the color of your choice.


12. A Waterfall Ponytail

What we love about this look is that while most waterfall braids occur along the scalp, Easy Hairstyles incorporates the waterfall into the physical ponytail.

For replicating this look, you may want to try on someone else first to get both the hand dexterity and familiarity down. Once you've mastered the look on someone else, try executing on yourself.

13. Pinned Low Ponytail



The perfect look for any formal gathering or event (where you want the hair out of your face and off your neck), the Pinned Low Ponytail is extremely versatile and can be worn with many accessories.


1. With freshly washed hair, begin crimping with a deep weaver heat tool.

2. Once hair has been crimped, loosely bring back to a low ponytail. This can either be centered or placed to one side.

3. When the ponytail is secured, finish with texture spray as well as hairspray.

4. Finish with a jeweled accessory clip to add additional flare, perfect for any formal gathering.

14. The Curled Ponytail



This look is ideal for the second day (after curling) hair look. We all have those days, whether for an event or just impressing for a meeting at the office, where we take the time to thoroughly curl our hair.


Since we're not supposed to wash out hair everyday, it makes sense that we want to utilize our curled-do for as long as possible. The perfect way to do this is with a curly ponytail:

1. Take day 2 (or 3) of curled hair and begin to bring back the loose waves to a mid-level ponytail.

2. Once you've figured out the desired location and height, slowly comb back the hair to keep it quaffed but in place.

3. From there, rescue any curls by running a hair curler through the select showcased curls.

4. Finish with strong (but flexible) hold hairspray.

15. Sleek, No Flyaway Pony

A little different than most ponytails on the list, this slick-back ponytail minimizes volume. But what this ponytail loses in height makes up for in sleek and dynamic design.


Instructed by beauty influencer Alaha Karimi, this video creates ultimate hair goals with an easy to follow guide. This look is ideal for those who wish to apply a full face of makeup, as the hair being pulled away from the face gives focus to any contouring, bold lip, or fierce brow.

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