How To Braid Your Own Hair For A Cute Date-Night Look

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Date Night Beauty: Mix Things Up With Braids

So, you're going on a hot date. Cute outfit? Check. Sexy stilettos? Check. Now, what to do with your hair? Put it in a braid, of course. But when you don't exactly know 

how to braid your own hair, things can become a little complicated.

Sure, a classic sleek and sexy straightened look or those signature bouncy bombshell waves, a la Victoria’s Secret, are always go-to options. But sometimes you want to mix things up a little — without going overboard, of course.

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Fortunately, you don’t need to have Kar-Jenner level wig game or the ability to pull off a trendy hair accessory to rock a fun new hairstyle. (Actually, please don’t try to pull off a trendy hair accessory. Frankly, we can’t recommend it.) In fact, all you need are two hands and just a little bit of coordination.

Yep, we’re talking about braids. Whether you’re staying in for a Netflix and chill sesh or hitting the town for a glam night out, braids are about to be your new date night go-to.

Chances are, when you think date night hair, your mind doesn’t immediately jump to braids. In fact, when you think braids, you may think of some decidedly unsexy associations, like Anne of Green Gables, Laura Ingalls Wilder, second grade school picture day, or high school softball practice, to name a few examples.

Fortunately, we’re here to set the record straight about this classic, versatile, and — yes — sexy hairstyle. Braids are not just for athletes or heroines of children’s literature. Done right, and of course paired with the right makeup and outfit choice, braids can provide a wide array of fun and flirty date night hairstyle options.

Whether your date night style is low-key chic or high-glam elegance, there’s a braided hairstyle fit for your big night out (or chill night in). From crown braids to a basic side twist, these styles are sure to impress your date, and you can totally get away with the styles with unwashed hair.

Face it: sometimes a hit-or-miss Tinder date just isn’t worth washing your hair for. We get it. Save your clean hair for the second date. They have to earn it. Add a flirty twist to even the most low-key of dates with these sweet-meets-sexy braid styles:

1. Basic Side Braid

how to braid your own hair

Last-minute date with the hot guy you met online? Okay, breathe. Then, gather your hair into a low pony, slightly to one side of your neck (smoothing out any lumps along the way). Separate hair into three pieces, rotating the outer two across the middle until you've completed a cute and care-free style.

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2. Fishtail Braid

how to braid your own hair

Much thanks to Rihanna, this mermaid style has been making waves for some time now. Keep it tight for a more refined style, or loosen things up for a breezy beach look. Lauren Conrad shows you how to create the perfect fishtail.

3. Braids In Hiding

how to braid your own hair

Looking for a more subtle, yet totally sexy, way to work braids into your evening? Apply the same basic techniques from Tip #1 on 2-3 1/2-1 inch pieces of hair. We suggest focusing around the ears, bringing attention to the neck to keep him guessing.

4. Braided Crown

how to braid your own hair

Ethereal-meets-edgy in this boho-chic style, which we suggest for anything involving a picnic or park. Attending a weekend festival? This braid gets better by the day (just add beads or fresh flowers for a little pick-me-up). 

5. Heidi Braids

how to braid your own hair

This braid style is as simple as it is sweet. All you have to do is create two pigtail braids (as thin or as thick as you'd like), then secure them at the top of your head with bobby pins, adding a little hairspray to eliminate frizz.

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