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Dentist Shares The Simple Trick To Tell If You Have Bad Breath

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Woman smelling her bad breath in the bathroom.

Almost half of women say that bad breath is their biggest turn-off and that it can be a dealbreaker for them when they’re on a first date. It's not just a determiner in dating, however. Many people name it a top three “ick” for them in many different aspects of their lives including work, school, and friends. 

Despite the gravity bad breath holds in finding your future partner, impressing your new boss or charming new friends, many people who have bad breath don’t even know it. 

Dr. Shaadi Manouchehri, a dentist and social media personality on Instagram, shared a simple trick that might help these people recognize their bad breath and take steps to fix it if they choose to.

This dentist revealed a simple trick that can tell you if you have bad breath in just 10 seconds. 

Manouchehri pulled no punches in revealing that nobody is going to tell you that you have bad breath, at least not to your face. So, chances are you might have it right now! 

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“Just lick the back of your hand, let it dry for ten seconds, and smell it,” the dentist revealed. “If it smells bad, you likely have bad breath.” 

You probably just tried Manouchehri's simple trick. And you probably just realized that the garlic bread you had at lunch isn't doing you any favors. So, if you’re searching for some unique tips on how to freshen it up — look no further! 

One dentist suggested the most effective routine for freshening up bad breath includes using a tongue scraper and mouthwash. 

If you’ve just realized that you have bad breath, or perhaps you’ve been struggling with the best way to treat it for a while, many dentists recommend a trio of products you should add to your routine

Outside of brushing your teeth at least twice a day, Dr. Joyce Kahng shared that using a tongue scraper and mouthwash twice a day can keep you minty fresh.



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As for mouthwash, more than 60% of Americans are currently using it regularly in their dental routines. So, consider adding it if you haven’t yet already. 

If you’ve added in these tools and updated your dental routine, and are still experiencing bad breath, it might be time to see a dentist or your doctor. 



Bad breath that persists beyond basic hygiene practices might be a sign of something slightly more serious like an untreated cavity, gum disease, or even tonsil stones

So, if you’re not regularly seeing your dentist, consider making an appointment. If you don’t use mouthwash — buy it!

Most importantly, tell the people in your life about this trick. Whether it’s your easy way to ensure a stress-free first kiss or an effective reminder for your office mate at work, you'll be ready with mints should the dreaded coffee breath rear its ugly head. 

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