The Critical List Every Powerful Person Keeps Handy

No matter what you do or where you go, you'll hold these dear.

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Most of us don't walk around with a list of personal values we hold dear. We understand that we do have values, somewhere inside, but that doesn't mean we're clear on them.

If you look into almost any successful company or anybody you look up to, they probably have their list of values, the things they stand for.

No matter what you do, you don't let go of your values. You want to make sure your actions align with your values. Everything you do is inspired by how it resonates or aligns with your values. 


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Six benefits of listing your values and holding those values close

1. I empower others by making my values clear.

Everything I do, whether working with clients or activities for myself, I want everybody involved to be empowered.

2. I have the freedom to determine my own values.

It brings to mind for me the wings to fly. The simple ability to choose from all the options out there. And it's like a blank canvas, so you can pick, start, and select what you want to do.



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3. I can create authentic connections with others. 

Whether you're connecting with yourself, your family, your friends, your community, your business partners, or anyone else, the connection has to come from your heart. It has to be authentic.

A lot of this will depend on how you relate to yourself — how comfortable you are with yourself and how you relate to yourself at all levels gets reflected in how you relate to others. And knowing your values helps you relate to yourself honestly. 

4. I am unapologetically myself.

Then there is authenticity, having realness. You're wonderful just being you. For me, it goes to a whole other level where I'm being me from the standpoint of being unapologetic. I no longer will explain myself for everything.

I don't owe an explanation for everything I say or do. That means authenticity is being comfortable being you and comfortable being seen for who you are. There's nothing you want to hide or shy away from. There may be layers we might still be working on. I'm not saying we don't have any fears about that, or you don't have to work through all your stuff to feel authentic.


It's in the heart. Where you know you're connected, where you know you are real. There's nothing else about it, and that's how you show up in everything you do and say. You are 100% present. When you combine authenticity with connection, it's a powerful way to stay connected with yourself and with everyone else around you.

5. I embrace fierce compassion.

You might be thinking about how these two words go together. Great question. That's how it came to me as well. They seem to be so opposite at some level. What is fierce compassion? When there is kindness, that is a level of care and concern that is very genuine. And there's compassion.

At the same time, you're not willing to step down, let somebody walk all over you, trespass your boundaries, or be taken for granted. This is not just for yourself, you're taking a stand for people around you as well.


It shows up for me when I'm working with clients. I see so much potential that's possible. I can see the transformation that they will go through when we do this work together. And for me, that is nonnegotiable.

There are times I end up having a little argument with myself. In the space of what's possible without negotiation, without compromising, I want the highest and best for my people. That's where the fear comes in. It's almost like a tigress with her cubs where she is being protective and exuding compassion, playfulness, and nurturing at the same time. That's how the fierce compassion shows up.

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6. I can embrace the combined impact of synergy

Synergy is a whole different frequency for me because it talks about resonance. It talks about alignment.

I'm seeing synergy powerfully unfolding as I connect with people in different areas of my life. That's the frequency I'm looking for, whether it's a client or a business partner. In knowing my valus, I know what energy and values I'm looking for. 

What is synergy? Synergy is not just a partnership or a relationship. It is when you think of the exponential increase in the combined power when two come together. One plus one does not equal two, it equals 11. That's what I'm talking about in terms of synergy. 


You can start by writing a list of the different words that resonate with you on a deep level. They are powerful, meaningful, and significant. Then, narrow it down to five or six words.

Keep the list in a place where you can look at it often. Maybe your bathroom mirror, computer, or phone. Keep it somewhere to remind you why the words are significant to you.

If you need additional inspiration or get stuck, look at your favorite people or companies and the values they stand for. See if you can create some of your own based on those. 


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Archanaa Shyam is an Intuitive Visionary Strategist and Catalyst who is a student of Shamanic Astrology. She is a medical intuitive, a master energy transmitter and channel, and integrates all of these interests and talents into being a mentor and guide to clients.