7 Ways Connecting With 'Spirit' Will Set Your Life On The Right Path

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How does connecting with "spirit" — the energy of God and essence of the Universe — set you on the right path?

When giving a reading to a young woman a couple of days ago, something slightly different occurred. This reading was special because, right away, her loved ones used me to share directional messages.

At first, I wasn’t even aware. In the magical unfolding of this reading, I was reminded of the surprising ways connecting with spirit will set your life on the right path.

My client has a lot of unseen help leading her to the right path. Her grandmother came thru and was very determined to get my client moving.

Her father came through with the direction of new work. She has an amazing team looking out for her.

Your loved ones, ancestors, angels, and guides are just waiting!

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They are there for you when you pause and listen. It's important to note that, for today, I am referencing "spirit" as the part of you that holds the energy of God.

This is the conduit to receive messages from your guides, angels, and all high-vibrational beings.

You can use a psychic or medium to help you make the connection, but you also have the ability to receive messages.

Here are the 7 surprising ways connecting with spirit will guide you to your true path.

1. You notice other options.

Before you find the right path, blocks occur. However, you get to choose again. This might be when something you're pursuing evades you time and time again. Maybe it’s a job or relationship that just won’t work.

As you continue your efforts to no avail, you begin to notice other options. These different choices would have gone unexplored if everything worked out according to your plan.

The blocks and new options are from your angels, guides, or loved ones.

2. You lose and gain people in your life.

Just as you may lose people in your life, you also gain new people in your life. Sometimes, these new people carry messages or teach you lessons.

Think of these new people as gifts from above.

3. You will gain a new perspective.

Everyone experiences a moment where the world seems to tilt and a new perspective becomes available.

Perhaps it's because of a new friend or a travel experience. All of a sudden, you see things differently. The "tilt" or new perspective is energy shared by your unseen team.

3. You will feel free.

Sometimes you have a thought or experience a moment that frees you from the burden of living life with fear, dislike, and even hatred.

This thought helps bless your life journey. You heal in a way that allows love and compassion into your life like never before. This spontaneous healing is a gift from the other side.

4. Your guide is leading you to the right path.

When inspired thoughts flow through your mind, thank God, the Universe, your angels, and guides.

They conspired to help you see all the possibilities available to you.

Most people have felt that internal pull or call to explore something. This is often the Universe, your guides, and angels giving you the nudge you need to take the next step.

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5. You discover your true abilities.

Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation that calls for compassion and inner strength. If you take action, you often surprise yourself with your true abilities.

This puts you on your purposeful path. You discover how to be of service to others and make a difference in the world.

You would never seek this situation out otherwise, but it's exactly what you need for personal growth.

6. A new path opens up.

During the reading, my client was so happy to see the possibility of a new life and career. She felt the nudge to go after her dreams.

She also recognized that she has the skills needed for this new job. She clearly saw a new path in her life.

7. You have unseen support.

Make room in your life for your unseen support. You can do this with a meditation practice and regularly welcoming pause in your life.

Think of your guides and ancestors when you're looking for direction.

Pay attention to unusual occurrences and synchronicities, and of course, who crosses your path.

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Polly Wirum is an intuitive, life coach, and writer. She helps people connect to the energy of peace via intuitive reading, life coaching, or live channeling sessions. For more information, visit her website.

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