Church Kicks Woman Out & Gives Her $500 Donation Back Because She Asked To Separate From Her Husband

The church claimed that her actions were no longer accepted by their congregation.

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A church has come under fire after admitting to kicking out one of its members because of what was going on in her personal life.

In a Facebook post that was shared on TikTok by content creator Jessica Bailey Hassan, a woman named Brooke revealed the letter she received from her church. The missive effectively cut her off from the congregation because of issues happening between her and her husband.


The church kicked her out and gave back her $500 donation because she wanted to separate from her husband.

In a letter dated back in February 2022, Brooke received notice that she was being rejected from Islandton Church of God of Prophecy, and her $500 donation was given back to her. The church informed her in the letter that due to a unanimous decision at their last business conference, her membership in the church was no more.

"You initiated the separation of your marriage to Josh without good cause, stating that you wanted to begin a relationship with another man," the church explained in their letter to Brooke. "It seems you have no desire to keep your family together, and this has caused a great deal of hurt to you, your husband, your children, and many others."




The church claimed that Brooke's decision to seek a divorce was also being "unfaithful" to the vow that she took before God when she initially got married to Josh. They also insisted that Brooke had contributed to many "un-Christian" practices, including posting indecent pictures and messages on various social media accounts.

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They accused Brooke of being negative and critical of other congregation members in the church, which they believe is something she does to take attention away from her own needs. Brooke, however, denied any of that was true.


"You have refused counsel or advice from your husband, your pastor, and many of your close church family who really care for you and have tried to help you," the church continued. "Brooke, contrary to what you try to convince us, you are really not in a very good place right now."

Church Kicks Out Woman And Gives Her $500 Donation Back Because She Wants To Separate From Her HusbandPhoto: encierro / Shutterstock

The church concluded their letter by reassuring Brooke that this decision wasn't easy for them, but in the end, they had to do what was right for the other members of the church. 


People shared similar situations that happened between them or loved ones and a church.

"I haven't set foot back in church ever since the elders told me that I shouldn't leave my abusive husband," one TikTok user wrote. Another user added, " They preach about love and forgiveness, but then shame people who go through normal life issues. They are contradicting themselves."

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"My nana got kicked out of the church she'd been going to for 50 years because they didn't think she was [giving] enough money. Keep in mind she was living on [social security insurance] along with my late grandpa's pension," a third user chimed in.

A fourth user shared a similar story of being turned away from a church, writing, "I got kicked out of church as a teenager. They said I wasn’t a Christian because my [best friend's] dad was a cross-dresser. I said, 'So you want me to treat her poorly because of her dad's choices?' [Yeah], hard no."


It's stories like these that lead many individuals to feel put off by Christianity and many church's conservative ideologies that they disguise as being part of the Bible. The true nature of any religion is to love people unconditionally and endlessly, especially those part of their congregation because that's God's message — loving all of his people.

Church Kicks Out Woman And Gives Her $500 Donation Back Because She Wants To Separate From Her HusbandPhoto: Doidam 10 / Shutterstock

Yet, when devout Christians start forming opinions about their fellow church members and what they do in their personal lives, it turns people away and makes them feel uncomfortable and shamed.


It shouldn't matter whether Brooke wants to leave her husband or what type of content she posts on her personal social media pages. Church isn't for that, and instead should feel like a safe haven where a community can get together with joy and love in their hearts — not judgment.

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