Single Mom Explains Why She Was Kicked Out Of A Church Food Pantry After Daughter Was Caught With Lollipop

The mother said she's never going back.

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After trying to access food donations at a local church, one mother was outraged that her daughter’s lollipop was the reason for her getting kicked out.

TikToker, Dallas Kathleen Stat shared her story in a video about how she went to the church food pantry with her daughter for the first time to get food that is reserved for families in need.

Her daughter had been sucking on a lollipop that she had gotten for Halloween while they were waiting for their turn.


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A church volunteer allegedly kicked the mom and daughter out.

Stat was taken aback as this stranger was yelling at her kid. She wasn’t aware of the rules but she still didn’t appreciate the lady’s behavior.

“And she’s like, ‘she can’t have candy, she needs to leave now’ and I’m like, ‘Raylin, bite the sucker’ so she bites the sucker and I hand the girl the stick and I’m like, ‘here, problem solved,’” Stat said.



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The issue with the lady didn’t stop there — she came over to the woman and sat down next to Stat’s daughter.

Since they were waiting there for a long time, her daughter, Raylin, was tired.

In order to relieve some pressure on her legs and relax a little, she put her legs up on a chair.

Apparently, the lady didn’t like that so she allegedly smacked Raylin's feet off the chair which was enough to anger the mother.

She yelled back at the lady and told her to not touch her kid.

“And then Raylin’s scared, she’s like, ‘mommy, please switch me seats,'” Stat explained.

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She was later kicked out of the church for causing a scene.

Stat was shocked that her daughter was feeling scared at a church, but she was eventually about to calm her down after they left.

That experience hindered her as she stated that she won’t be going to the church food pantry ever again.

Many TikTok users were enraged at the way the single mother was treated.

One user wrote, “Name drop the church, this is UNACCEPTABLE and their staff [needs] to be aware [of] it.”

Another user wrote, “Please call the church and let them know - my parents are pastors and run a pantry also. That woman’s actions would NEVER be tolerated.”

“She was taking her own issues out on your daughter. I would definitely contact the director! hopefully, you got her name. I would have [asked] her her name,” another person wrote.


Stat later posted another video explaining the aftermath of the situation.

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She doesn’t blame the church for what happened to her.

“I was very very upset that day so I couldn’t go to the upper people and explain to them what happened in a calm manner,” Stat said.

She felt that instead of the church, the lady was to be blamed.



The next day, after she was calm enough she talked to the person who she had heard about the food pantry from.


“She said she’s going to take care of it, she’s going to talk to the people who own [the food pantry] and what happens after that is on them,” Stat added.

She did her part and informed someone of that lady’s behavior as she felt she should not behave that way with someone else's child.

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