13 Brutal Truths About Loving A Woman Who Always Wears Black

From a little black dress to a classic leather jacket, there's truly no better color.

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It doesn't matter what event we're hitting up next; a black wardrobe is always on our agenda. Despite popular belief, our love of black attire has nothing to do with our mood and everything to do with how comfortable we're feeling that day.

From a little black dress to a classic black leather jacket, this color is a staple (or the vast majority) of any wardrobe. All the cutest clothes come in black, so why wouldn't we get them in that color? Nothing says fashionable like a black turtleneck with black jeans and matching black sunglasses. In fact, that's actually what I'm wearing right now. Can you guess what my favorite color is?


The color black is not just a great color to wear. It also represents protection, power, wealth and sophistication. Who wouldn't want that?

These are just a few of the things you need to understand about falling in love with a woman who wears black All. Of. The. Time. We might even wear a black wedding dress. Paint our bedroom walls black. Maybe don't let us be interior designers.

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Here are 13 truths about loving a woman who always wears black:

1. We're not angry at the world

We're just angry about almost everything else.

2. But maybe we actually are?

Cue the evil laughter.


3. We're not goth 

Or are we?

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4. We always miraculously look five pounds thinner

Because of the black, duh.

(Actually, according to science, black does make you appear slimmer — and it has to do with the way our eyes absorb darker colors.) 



5. We can literally buy any accessory we want

Everything matches with black. What's easier than that?


6. Same goes for heels

Don't you love the sound of heels on a hardwood floor?

7. Same goes for eyeshadow

Every palette works, honey! And no smokey eye is complete without a black shadow. 

8. Getting ready in the morning takes seconds

It takes SECONDS, people. There are so many fewer choices to be made when you already know which color is the best. 

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9. Snow white pale or J. Lo glow: both work

Both skin types work for us.

10. We're never not chic

Black never goes out of style.

11. We can attend a funeral in seconds

This is a grim thought, but, hey, at least we're prepared.


12. Don't call us Wednesday Addams

We're not that dark and disturbing ... probably.



13. Yes, black is a summer color

Black is always in season.

Can you see why wearing black is our entire personality? Because it is. It's not just about clothes but how the clothes make us feel. And when we feel good, you feel good.


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