Stylist Reveals How The Royal Women Stay Comfortable In Heels All Day

It's a pretty useful style hack!

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, stylist Frederic Legrand- COMEO / / Shutterstock / @themirandaholder / TikTok

It’s a question many of us have wondered at some point — how do Royals and other celebrities manage to walk far distances all day long in high heels?

High-heeled shoes are not exactly the most comfortable for walking.

One stylist on TikTok is answering this question by revealing a hack used by royal women like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, to make high heels bearable. 

The stylist says celebrities use a hack to make heels more comfortable.

“Both Kate and Meghan are great fans of the leg-lengthening high heels for formal occasions, but how do they manage to stay comfortable all day?” Holder says in her viral video. 


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She explains a style hack used by both women in order to make comfortability in high heels happen.



“Both ladies choose to wear heels that are often half to one size too large for them,” Holder shares. 


She includes a photo of Kate Middleton wearing a pair of heels, where is obvious that there is a significant amount of space in the back of the shoe.

The royal women are not the only ones familiar with this trick.

“This is a popular fashion hack is used by celebrities and celebrity stylists all over the world, particularly for red carpet events to avoid the dreaded blisters,” Holder shares.

Some TikTok users expressed concern about the heels being too big and being impossible for the women to walk in.

“How do they keep them from turning into flip-flops?” one user asked Holder in the comments section.  

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Holder replied that to avoid women’s feet from slipping out in the bigger size shoes, they put silicone pads and even sticky tape inside of the heels. 

She added that the same material is placed on the inside of the front of the heels as well after another user asked how the women keep from falling onto the toe area. 

In another video, Holder reveals additional hacks used by Kate Middleton to make her high heels less painful. 



The Princess of Wales reportedly wears a show stocking brand called "Barely There Tights" that contain special silicon pads on the bottom that help the foot grip the shoe. 


She also uses a type of leather insole by the British firm, Alice Bo, according to Holder.

The insoles are designed to go inside any kind of heel.  Holder claims that they are “super supportive and comfortable all day.”

This style hack doesn’t apply exclusively to the Royals or celebrities — anyone can use it! 


So when wedding and prom season rolls around, you won’t have to sweat the pain and can get around easily and comfortably. 

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