The Image You See First In This Visual Test Reveals Your Greatest Strength In Love

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When it comes to love, we all have our personal strengths and weaknesses, and while it can be helpful to figure out what it is that keeps us from romantic success, it's not always helpful to focus exclusively on the negative.

Our strengths as romantic partners aren't something we focus on every single day of the week. As conscious human beings, constantly reaffirming ourselves can strike us as vaguely self-centered or even narcissistic.

But the truth is that only when you've identified those things that you do exceedingly well and make you stand out from the crowd can you be fully mindful of whether or not you're working to your true potential when it comes to your day-to-day love life.

And sometimes, we can learn just as much or even more from a personality test that reveals the most positive traits we possess, especially in love.

Take this personality test to determine your biggest strengths in a relationship.

Everyone has something to offer another person while they are in a romantic relationship, but when you're struggling in a relationship, or when you're single, it can be easy to lose sight of what your strengths are and, in the process, to lose a little bit of hope, too.

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But it doesn't have to be that way, and you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on therapy bills to remember what your most endearing characteristics are.

All you need to do to figure out your strengths in the world of loving and being loved is to take the personality test below. It's a fast, easy, and helpful way to assess all the best parts of your personality that make you such a gosh darn joy to love.

Simply look at the image below and pay attention to the first thing you see. Then, find the description beneath the first object you spotted to see what it reveals about your biggest personal strengths in relationships.

biggest strengths in relationships personality test oleg shuplyakPhoto: Oleg Shuplyak

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1. If you saw the woman

If you saw the woman seated on the rocks when you looked at this image, you are a person who values everything sensual.

While this includes intimacy with your partner, the things that drive you are more than sensual in nature. You live a life dedicated to experiencing life's simple pleasures.

A hot shower after a long day. A leisurely dinner of your favorite foods. Delicious treats that satisfy all of your senses. This is true of every sphere of your life, particularly when it comes to how you love.

As a partner, you are giving and observant. You're not servile, but few things make you as happy as providing your lover with all the creature comforts they could crave.

Your greatest strength in love is that you notice the little things, and you're wonderful at anticipating what your partner wants and needs, sometimes before they even know themselves.

2. If you saw the young man

If you saw the young man seated by the water when you looked at this image, you are a person who spends their life in the pursuit of knowledge.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you're a so-called "egghead" (though, if you are, more power to you). Instead, it means that connecting with your fellow man and learning about their experiences are driving forces in your life. As a romantic partner, this makes you highly desirable.

While other people have a hard time maintaining interest in the minutiae of their partner's daily life, you live for those little details. Your partner had a crazy day at work? When they come home you're truly invested in listening to them tell their tale.

Your greatest strength in love is your ability to give your partner your undivided time and attention, along with your stellar listening skills.

3. If you saw the swan

If you saw the swan in the brush when you looked at this image, you are a person who sees beauty in even the ugliest circumstances and situations.

Some people might say that this makes you a bit of a Pollyanna, but you think it enables you to see and understand the depth and breadth of the human experience. Sometimes being this way can make knowing you a little difficult.

Your ability to find the positive and the lovely in even the most dire of circumstances can make people feel alienated from you and your emotional experiences. However, it can also be a tremendous gift.

Your greatest strength in love is your ability to help pull others out of dark moods, grumpy days, or even out of despair.

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4. If you saw the figure on the boat

If you saw the figure on the boat in the distance when you looked at this image, you are a person who yearns for adventure and someone who is easily distracted.

You've probably been told by more than one of your exes that you weren't meant to sit still, and while they still adore you, you probably drove them nuts. Thankfully, because you're you, the two of you likely parted on excellent terms nonetheless.

You're the kind of person who people open up to, and in turn you are often able to give them things they never dreamed of. You're the kind of person who remembers to buy tickets to that obscure band your partner said they loved once, or surprise them with a cross country road trip. You keep life and love fresh.

Your greatest strength when it comes to love is your ability to transform dreams into reality.

5. If you saw the older man's face

If you looked at this image and the hidden face of the older man at the center was the first thing you saw, you are the kind of person who isn't satisfied to live a surface kind of life.

You hate small talk and cringe when people at the office say things like "TGIF." It isn't because you're negative or nasty, it's because you crave deep and meaningful connections with the people around you in every sphere.

Love and relationships aren't just all sunshine and rainbows, of course. Relationships are often a lot of hard work, and you are a person who doesn't let that scare you. It doesn't make you run away. With you in a relationship, in fact, the challenges might just bring you closer than ever before.

Your greatest strength in love is your bravery in the face of challenges and how you turn obstacles into opportunities to love even harder.

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