100 Heavenly Angel-Inspired Names For Your Own Little Cherub

Find a heavenly name for your baby girl or boy.

Last updated on May 11, 2023

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When you have a baby, it feels as though you have a heavenly little cherub of your own, so it's only fitting that you bestow them with the name of an angel. Angels, which are present in various religions, are supernatural beings with greater power than humans.

Often, angels are said to be servants and messengers of God. Some say they are benevolent intermediaries between heaven and humanity, while others describe them as protectors and guides for humans.


When thinking of a name for your baby girl or boy, there is no shortage of angelic names to look towards for inspiration.

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From fallen angels (those who sinned and were subsequently cast out of heaven) to guardian angels (angels tasked to protect and guide a particular person or group), there are plenty of names of angels in the Bible, and elsewhere, to choose from.


In fact, several angel names, such as Michael, Samuel, and Gabriella, have even made it to the top 100 most popular names at some point due to their undeniable beauty and grace.

To help you pick the best name for your bundle of joy, you may find some inspiration in this list of angel names.

100 Best Angel Names For Boys & Girls

Male Angel Names for Boys

1. Angelo

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Angel; messenger

This quintessential Italian name may be perfect for your newborn.

2. Cael

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Slender

If your baby boy is born between June 21 and July 22, then Cael — the name of the angel of the Cancer zodiac sign — is an ideal name.

3. Castiel

Origin: Hebrew


Meaning: My cover is God

In recent years, this biblical name has gained popularity due to its presence in the television show "Supernatural."

4. Daniel

Origin: Greek

Meaning: God has judged

One of the most popular baby names of recent years is an outstanding choice for your cherub.

5. Dara

Origin: Hebrew, Slavic, or Irish

Meaning: Pearl of wisdom; gift; oak tree

Although Dara is a traditionally male name, in modern days it is an excellent name for both boys and girls.

6. DeAngelo

Origin: Italian

Meaning: From the angel

This masculine name is perfect for a bouncing baby boy.

7. Engel

Origin: German

Meaning: Angel

Although there is no shortage of names that mean angel, Engel is a strong and unique choice.


8. Gabriel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is my strength

In Abrahamic religions, Gabriel is the archangel who spreads the news of Jesus' birth and presides over Paradise as the angel of mercy, life, joy, judgment, truth, and dreams.

9. Javan

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Ionian

If you're of Greek ancestry, the name of the son of Noah and the guardian angel of Greece may be the perfect fit for your baby boy.

10. Malak

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Angel

Malak is an adorable name for your little angel.

11. Micah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Who resembles God

Micah is a distinct and modern alternative to Michael.

12. Michael

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Who is like God

In the Bible, the archangel Michael led the other angels to victory in a war against Satan, making this popular baby name incredibly powerful.


13. Michelangelo

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Combination of Michael and Angelo

Name your newborn after the Renaissance painter known for the creation of the Sistine Chapel.

14. Nathaniel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Gift of God

If the existence of your newborn feels like a miracle or gift from God, show this in his name.

15. Raphael

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God has healed

Pay homage to the angel of healing.

16. Raziel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Secrets of God

In Judaism, Raziel is the Keeper of Secrets and angel of mysteries.

17. Uriel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is my light

If you anticipate a fiery and passionate child, name your baby after the flame of God.

18. Zachariel

Origin: Hebrew


Meaning: God's command

Although you can still nickname your baby boy Zach, Zachariel is a much more unique version of Zachary.

19. Abaddon

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Destroyer

Give your baby boy the powerful name of the angel prince of the inferno and the minister of death.

20. Kafziel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Speedy one of God

This angel name is connected to the planet Saturn.

21. Zadkiel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The righteousness of God

Name your child after the angel Zadkiel, the one who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son.

22. Yael

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: To ascend

Yael is an angel who attended the throne of God.

23. Ramiel

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: The thunder of God


Don't you want your baby boy to be powerful like thunder?

24. Samuel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God has heard

Samuel was a prophet in Judaism.

25. Malach

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Angel

Name your baby boy after the word that literally means "angel" in Judaism.

26. Haniel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Favored of God

Your baby boy will be in God's favor if you name him this.

27. Orifiel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: My neck is God

Orifiel is an angel who can look into the past.

28. Kemuel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Helper of God

Kemuel is the angel who stands guard at the window into heaven.

29. Evangelos

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Good messenger

Let's hope your baby can communicate when they have a name like this.


30. Zerachiel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God's command

Name your child after the angel of children, healing, and the sun.

31. Raguel

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Friend of God

This angel was all about harmony and fairness.

32. Camael

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Strength; courage; compassion

Give your baby boy a fighting chance with this strong name.

33. Hannibal

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Grace of Baal

If you're into horror movies, this angel name is for you.

34. Ingram

Origin: German

Meaning: Angel-raven

Give your boy this unique name from Germany.

35. Engelbert

Origin: German

Meaning: Angel-bright

What a darling way to dote on your boy, but with the light of angels.

36. Dominion

Origin: English


Meaning: Sovereign authority

Dominion also means “watch,” depicting the special angels who protect your little one.

37. Iblis

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Remain in grief

According to some, the archangel Iblis is also a jinn or genie.

38. Lucifer

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Light-bearer

Name your baby after the original fallen angel.

39. Orias

Origin: Unknown

Meaning: Unknown

If the first question you ask someone is "what's your zodiac sign?", it's only fitting to name your baby after a fallen angel who is well-versed in astrology and teaches the virtues of stars.

40. Esper

Origin: African

Meaning: Magical

This name has magical and supernatural origins in African culture.


41. Halo

Origin: English

Meaning: Divine light

Give your baby boy a halo he can take throughout life.

42. Hariel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God's savior

Want your son to be God's savior?

43. Jophiel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Beauty of God

Pay tribute to the wonder God is with this name.

44. Daimon

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Deity

This is the Greek version of the name Damon.

45. Celio

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Belonging to heaven

This name is very popular in Brazil.

46. Abhinoor

Origin: Hindi

Meaning: Angelic

This name was incredibly popular a few years ago, and now might be the chance to bring it back.

47. Andras

Origin: French and Greek

Meaning: Man; warrior

This unique name is similar to popular choices like Andrew and Andre.


48. Azza

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Strong

Azza makes for a fun and bubbly baby name.

49. Bathin

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Highly secretive

If you're intrigued by crystals and herbology, name your baby after the fallen angel who knows everything about gemstones and herbs.

50. Gadreel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is my helper

Give your baby a name that will inspire help.

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Female Angel Names for Girls

51. Evangelina

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Messenger

This is a version of the name Evangeline.

52. Aniela

Origin: Polish

Meaning: Angel; messenger

This is the Polish translation of the name Angela.

53. Tien

Origin: Vietnamese


Meaning: Angel; fairy

If you're looking to combine the celestial with the angelic, this name may be the perfect fit.

54. Gotzone

Origin: Eastern European

Meaning: Angel

This is the female version of the name Gotzon.

55. Angelisa

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Messenger

Angelisa is not only a beautiful name, but one that your baby girl will be proud of.

56. Angela

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Messenger of God

Angela is actually a popular Christian name for girls.

57. Parisa

Origin: Persian, Iranian

Meaning: Like an angel

Parisa almost sounds like Paris, but with an angelic meaning.

58. Erelah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Angel

This is a unique name to use for your baby girl.

59. Angelique

Origin: French


Meaning: Angel

Angelique is the French version of the name Angela, and its popularity rose thanks to a fun character in the movie "Dark Shadows."

60. Laila

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Of the night

Laila is the angel of conception who oversees children.

61. Rosangel

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Rose of an angel

If your favorite flower is a rose, this is a beautiful name choice.

62. Angel

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Angel

If you're stumped for the best angel names, why not just call your baby girl Angel?

63. Melek

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: Angel

Go for a more exotic name with Melek.

64. Heaven

Origin: German

Meaning: Paradise

Name your child after the place their soul will one day go and be in the home of angels.


65. Michelangela

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Who is like God

This is the feminine version of Michelangelo.

66. Angelette

Origin: French

Meaning: Little angel

Your baby girl is definitely a little angel in her own right.

67. Angelica

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Angel

This bright and beautiful name also means angel.

68. Angelina

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Messenger of God

The stunning and talented Angelina Jolie can be credited with the popularity of this name.

69. Arella

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Angel or messenger from God

This original name has a beautiful ring to it.

70. Ariel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Lion of God

Though the name Ariel may make you think of mermaids, the name is also possessed by the angel of nature who protects seas, animals, and plants.


71. Batya

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Daughter of God

Batya is a charming name for a bewitching baby girl.

72. Charmeine

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Singer

Take inspiration from the angel of harmony.

73. Dalili

Origin: Swahili

Meaning: A sign from the gods

Similar to Delilah, this is a cheerful and alluring name.

74. Dina

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Judged or delicate

Your baby is sure to grow up smart when sharing a name with the angel of learning and wisdom.

75. Eden

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Place of pleasure

Name your baby girl after Paradise itself.

76. Evangeline

Origin: Greek


Meaning: Bearer of good news

This name is equally elegant and alluring.

77. Gabriella

Origin: Italian

Meaning: God is my strength

In the United States, this beautiful name is used within a variety of cultures including Latino, Italian-American, and in the Jewish community.

78. Layla

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Night; Holy

This lovely name made its way onto the top 100 girls' names in 2020.

79. Mariangela

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Rebel angel

Although this name sounds peaceful, it is sure to promote a rebellious nature in your baby girl.

80. Michelle

Origin: French

Meaning: Who resembles God

This classic name is undeniably timeless.

81. Mitra

Origin: Hindi

Meaning: Angel


Name the light of your life after the Hindu god of the sun and friendship.

82. Rabia

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Spring

If you're looking for a name that signifies change and new beginnings, Rabia is a stunning choice.

83. Seraphina

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Ardent or fiery

This heavenly name — which is derived from Seraphim, or the highest-ranking of angels who stand nearest to the throne of God — gained popularity in 2009 when actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck chose it for their daughter.

84. Amy

Origin: French

Meaning: Beloved

This name demonstrates just how loved your baby girl will undoubtedly be.

85. Lilith

Origin: Babylonian

Meaning: Belonging to the night


Adam's first wife appears as a powerful woman in TV shows like "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina."

86. Siofra

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Elf; changeling

The Irish version of Sofie, but just as beautiful.

87. Angie

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Messenger of god

Skip the nickname process for Angelina and just name your kid Angie!

88. Vanina

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Bring good news

Wouldn't you want good news to come to your kid?

89. Atchara

Origin: India

Meaning: Angel

Name your girl this Indian variation of angel.

90. Diana

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Divine

Name your little girl after a literal princess!

91. Eloa

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Goddess

Make your little one a goddess.


92. Esme

Origin: French

Meaning: Kind defender

Esme is gorgeous and heavenly, just like your baby girl will be.

93. Daksha

Origin: Indian

Meaning: Brilliant

Manifest your baby to be a genius with this name.

94. Celine

Origin: French

Meaning: Heavenly

Name your child after singer Céline Dion.

95. Alya

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Heaven

This name is very popular in Guinea, West Africa.

96. Flauros

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Self-reliant

Remind your baby that she should only rely on herself in this world.

97. Adina

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Adorned; gentle; mild

Adina comes from a soldier who was named in the Bible.

98. Buğlem

Origin: Turkey

Meaning: Angel that heralds the heaven


A unique and beautiful name that will remind you of the heavens.

99. Barbiel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Lightening

Name your baby after pure power.

100. Armoni

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Deceitful angel

While it's pronounced like the designer brand, this name also demonstrates that not all angels are perfect.

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