Attorney Shares The One Piece Of Legal Advice She Makes Sure Her Kids & Husband Follow

She said that the reason she makes sure those closest to her do it is because everyone should be doing it.

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Most people would probably agree that the chance to pick a lawyer’s brain would be helpful. Few of us have that opportunity for free, though. One attorney did what she could to change that.

A lawyer shared the legal advice she has 'drilled into' her family and clients and suggested everyone follow it.

Rachel King, an attorney from California, is known as @thelawyerking on TikTok. She posted a video in which she shared her top advice for family, clients, and the general public.


King explained, “The one thing that I make sure that all of my clients know, and especially my children, and, my husband ... and [he] probably tells all of his friends.” 



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“My biggest and most important thing as an attorney that, hands down, I need all of my clients to know, but even the people that I love most, nearest and dearest, my children, my husband, my parents, my family, mostly my children and my husband, is do not consent to a search,” King stated.

King said that, above all, you should never allow the police to search anything you own, whether that’s your house, car, or something else.

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Ben Byers, a Kentucky-based criminal defense attorney, agreed. Byers stated that it’s important to retain your Fourth Amendment rights. 

According to Byers, “The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures. This means that law enforcement must have probable cause to search your person, home or vehicle, or obtain a warrant. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and one of the most common exceptions is consent.”

Because of the Fourth Amendment, police cannot search you or your property without a reason. By consenting to a search, you are automatically giving them a reason.

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King had other advice as well.

While King’s main point was to not let the police search you or what you own, she did have other important advice to share with TikTok viewers.

“Don’t consent to letting the police enter your house,” she said. This goes along with not consenting to a search. Many people assume that because police are, well, police, they have a right to enter your house. That isn’t true.

Your house is your private residence, and unless the police have probable cause, you can refuse to allow them to enter. Byers pointed out that it is easy for police to find something incriminating that you might not even be aware of, so it’s always best to avoid this.

Another point King made was to not “provide them [with] your Ring footage because your neighbor said you did something.” Many people think sharing their doorbell camera footage with the police is a nice way to practice good citizenship and help out where able, which is why Ring has its own social community you can join where you can interact directly with law enforcement.


Unfortunately, advocacy groups claim that groups like this unfairly target people of color, as reported by Consumer Reports. This footage may be used in profiling. Regardless, it is your own private information.

King’s last piece of advice was her most universal.

King ended her video on a serious note. “Just say no,” she said. “Call an attorney and shut your mouth, people.” 

Attorney Shares Her Most Important Piece Of Legal AdvicePhoto: KATRIN BOLOVTSOVA / Pexels


King’s admonition makes sense. Attorneys are experts on these issues, while the average civilian is just guessing. You may think you’re being helpful or compliant, but it may not be in your best interest. It’s best to consult with someone who really knows first.

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