Little Boy's Family Mocks Him For Calling Police When His Fortnite Partner Says She's Being Abused, But Cops Say He Did The Right Thing

The little boy’s family let him down.

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The internet can be a scary place, especially for kids. Today, kids have access to a lot more danger, from online games to unrestricted chat rooms, than their parents ever did. That’s why teaching internet safety at home and school is so essential—it protects children from seeing and hearing inappropriate things and putting themselves in a compromising position. 

It’s exactly the situation that a 5th-grade boy was in after supposedly hearing one of his “internet friends” tell him she was being abused while on Fortnite. “I heard her,” he said desperately to his brothers, “[her ex-boyfriend] came onto the mic and told me to leave. What if she’s telling the truth?” 


The young boy’s family made fun of him for calling the police after his Fortnite partner told him she was being abused. 

In a video shared by the boy’s brother, he admitted that he was in his room playing Fortnite when he heard his friend. Not only did she tell him that she was being abused, but he told his brothers that “he heard slapping.” Despite being visibly upset, his brothers berated him for calling the cops and mocked him for crying. 



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“Why would you call the cops?” they continued to ask while the dad came over, looking upset. “He’s literally crying on the phone [to the cops] saying that someone is getting abused and he needs help … That’s the dumbest decision I’ve ever heard in my life.” 

While his dad and brothers made fun of the clearly upset boy, the cops told him he ‘did the right thing’ by calling them. 

The comments were almost unanimous in determining that this little boy was in the right and didn’t deserve the treatment he got from his family. “This is the definition of a good kid — growing up in a [crap] family,” Jack Forge wrote on X in response to the video. “I’d be proud if this was my son.” 

Building empathy and bravery starts at home by teaching kids to care for the well-being of others, telling them to stick up for people being bullied, and even emphasizing the importance of integrity when alone.


From the videos circulating of this little boy, it seems like his home environment is doing the complete opposite — making him feel ashamed for trying to stick up for someone who he thought was in danger (and could really be in danger). Instead of acknowledging his fear for his friend, they sexualized her and gaslit his emotions, shutting him down completely. 

Despite the passive-aggressive comments and mocking tone of his family members behind him, when the cops arrived, they seemed to handle the situation with a lot more grace. While they looked hesitant at first, once the boy told his story, it became clear that he “did the right thing.” 

“There’s nothing wrong with you reporting that,” one of the cops calmly said, facing the worried boy. “There’s nothing wrong with feeling scared on someone else’s behalf. I’m glad that you don’t feel bad about calling us for help … I appreciate that.” 

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The internet can connect all kinds of people. It’s important to recognize its abilities — both for safety and connection. 

Almost 40% of people admit they have an “internet friend,” or someone they regularly interact with online that they’ve never met in person. Not only do they tend to have all the same benefits as an “in-person” friendship, but they help to provide companionship to people who otherwise feel isolated and alone. 

Little Boy's Family Mocks Him For Calling Police For Online Fortnite PartnerPhoto: rangizzz / Shutterstock

It’s surprisingly easy to build a strong bond with someone who you’ve never met, especially if you’re talking with them often and bonding over a similar interest like a video game. This young boy made a smart decision by calling the police when he believed his online friend was in trouble. After all, it’s what education systems and most parents tell kids to do when they feel unsafe. 


The internet can be a scary place — full of children and adults alike. As many viewers point out, there are adults who play the same games (like Fortnite) as children, and it’s absolutely possible that this young boy heard something truly chilling. 

Not only was he berated for trying to protect another human being, but he was humiliated by people he trusted for trying to help a friend. It’s not only inappropriate, but it’s irresponsible. As parents, it’s your responsibility to give your children the space to feel their emotions, regardless of gender, and validate their fears and feelings. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence or the threat of domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline for help at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or go to


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