You Aren't Living For Today If You're Always Waiting On Tomorrow

When will we see that we need to appreciate all of the small challenges and routines?

Last updated on Oct 20, 2023

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By Kristen Buccigrossi

We wake every day, looking forward to the next time we can lay our heads again. Slamming our alarms, savoring those extra minutes of dazed sleep. Racing back to the dreams we once had and holding on for more precious moments of bliss outside this life.

We procrastinate every second we can until we have to put our feet on the floor and start the same day over again.

Every day begins in a blur. Through tired eyes, we run through the list of things that we need to do. We chug our liquid energy hoping that it will provide the rush that we need.


We rush to a place that provides us with money but doesn’t always provide us with satisfaction. We hustle through the work, the day, the monotony of life trying to get by. We find ourselves numb to the work until it is finally quitting time.

And then we indulge for a few short hours. In our passions. In what we love. In our private time. In the things that make our lives worth living.

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In the things that make waking up every day meaningful. In the things that keep us grinding at life.

For some, they take on even more of the painstaking monotony in an attempt to find more fortune. It is short-lived until we must put our heads down to relive it all over again.

We end every day thinking that tomorrow will be better. Dreaming of the beauty that tomorrow will bring.

Tomorrow we will accomplish more. Tomorrow we will challenge ourselves. Tomorrow we will be better people. Tomorrow something will change. Tomorrow we are going to have a better outcome. Tomorrow we will find a better life.

Always tomorrow.

We wish our days away, looking ahead for what is to come, hoping to change the outcome, but we are like a hamster on the wheel.


We keep running thinking the scene will change but do nothing to change it. We eat the same things, go to the same places, believe in the same stories, but expect something to change. Why?

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Those who think this way always think that there has got to be more to this life. There is more to this game than just getting by. More than just the same routine. More than earning just enough. More than just what we settle for.

Isn’t there more to this life than we bargained for? There has to be something we are missing.

There must be more to this life than just wishing for more time. More energy. More passion. More life.


And yet, why haven’t we figured out life yet? How to live life and enjoy it? How to not wish the days away and savor every moment?

Why haven’t we figured out how to love every second we are given and enjoy all of our blessings? It might not be beautiful every day, but it is a gift.

When will we learn that we are the blessed ones to be breathing? When will we realize that we are the lucky ones to have a day that could be considered dull and boring?


When will we see that we need to appreciate all of the small challenges and routines? When will we realize that not everyone is given this gift?

When will we stop taking life for granted?

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Kristen Buccigrossi is a writer and Pittsburgh on-air radio personality whose work has been published in Huffington Post, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, YourTango, and Unwritten.