Are You Psychic? The Simple Way To Tell If You Have A Sixth Sense

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We've all been in situations where we get the feeling that something isn't quite right. You adjust your decisions, and, for example, take an alternate route to that important meeting.

Instinct, gut feeling, perception, or sixth sense ... whatever you call it, every one of us has had moments when a feeling has been proved accurate, whether it was intuitive talent or lucky coincidence. But is your sixth sense only an "acquisition of wisdom devoid of using rational reasoning and logic?" Maybe not!

Do you think you're psychic? Here's how to understand your sixth sense.

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If dependable research studies are correct, the so-called sixth sense is an amalgamation of past data: an increased sense of observations and a skill to look beyond the clear and immediate reality. And, when you find yourself in a time of crisis and emergency, your sixth sense can be your first line of defense.

According to research performed by Professor Gerard Hodgkinson of the Centre for Organizational Strategy, Learning and Change at Leeds University Business School, intuition is the product of your brain's information processing system. Several other research reports have also put forward similar theories.

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The general idea of these studies can perhaps best be explained like this: the mind is divided into two parts — conscious and subconscious. Your conscious mind can process up to nine ideas or thoughts at a time, whereas your subconscious mind can deal with approximately two million! The information that is brought to your cognizant or conscious mind is only a fraction of what is processed by your subconscious.

Your premonition about not taking a particular route to work and later realizing later that you were right (e.g. had you not followed your gut feeling, you would have been caught in an enormous traffic jam) has been proven to be a real phenomenon.

It is absolutely probable that you heard something on the radio regarding major street repair work going on in that district a few days back or overheard chunks of discussion by colleagues that did not register in your conscious mind, but your unconscious mind remembered the information. So, what you thought was a gut feeling was in fact a conclusion built on the information that your unconscious mind already possessed.

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In technical terms, the sixth sense is the consequence of our past experiences. So, is sixth sense actually a science? The best answer to this question is that although the scientific community may not go so far as to call intuition a science, research studies do suggest that your gut feeling may be founded on solid information.

Remember, when you find yourself in crisis you can trust your intuitive self, and draw upon the powerful combination of your inner wisdom, your experience, and your knowledge to make the right decisions when you need them. You can always go back after the crisis and analyze what you could do differently the next time.

But for now, you need to trust your intuition. And finally, don't beat yourself up over a bad decision. Anything you learn after the crisis is over is new knowledge and therefore isn't relevant to your past decision-making.

Until next time, embrace your inner wisdom.

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Karen Kleinwort is a Life Coach and Business Coach who writes about relationships and life's mysteries.