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Animal Shelter Designs A Valentine's Day Doggie Bag To Let Your Ex Know How You Really Feel

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Valentine's Day is a celebration of all kinds of love: romantic, platonic, and familial.

The Nebraska Humane Society is taking that celebration to new heights, with a donation-based Valentine made specifically for someone you hate.

The animal shelter designed a Valentine’s Day doggie bag to let your ex know how you really feel.

The Nebraska Humane Society has a plan to help you “Dump your ex, again,” and this time, for a good cause. 

After donating $15 to the organization, the Humane Society will write any name you want on a doggie bag, then use it to clean up after their doggos do their business. 

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High-rollers and true haters can donate $100 to the shelter. That generous donation awards you unlimited names written onto a trash bag, which the Humane Society will use “in the poop collection cans in our play yard.”

Once our pups do their thing, we’ll do ours, and send that [expletive] to the dump!” They exclaimed on their Instagram post.

However, the Nebraska Humane Society does have standards. They explained their limits, saying, “We won’t, however, light the bag on fire and leave it on your ex’s porch. That would just be unprofessional.”

Animal Shelter Designs A Valentine's Day Doggie Bag To Let Your Ex Know How You Really FeelPhoto: Pixabay / Pexels 

They proclaimed that their poop-bag-centered Valentine’s Day celebration is a way to “Turn your pettiness into a positive,” by helping animals in need and letting scorned lovers release some of their pent-up anger.

According to the ASPCA, an estimated 6.3 million animals go to shelters each year. Approximately 3.2 million of those animals are cats, and 3.1 million are dogs.

While those numbers are heartbreaking, the ASPCA estimates that the number of pets entering shelters in the U.S. has dropped since 2011, when there were 7.2 million cats and dogs recorded living in shelters.

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They also report that the number of cats and dogs being euthanized has declined from about 2.6 million in 2011 to about 920,000 a year currently. The ASPCA explained the lowered numbers are due to an increase in adoption from shelters, along with an increase in lost animals returned to their owners. 



What better way to mend your broken heart than by helping dogs in need and putting your ex exactly where they belong?

Losing love is never easy. Even if you and your ex weren’t a perfect match, being broken up with stings. 

If writing your ex’s name on a poop bag and throwing it in the trash makes you feel better, well... you do you.

Animal Shelter Designs A Valentine's Day Doggie Bag To Let Your Ex Know How You Really FeelPhoto: Viktoria B. / Pexels 

The age-old adage holds mostly true: Time heals all wounds. Sometimes, making a symbolic gesture is just the medicine you need to truly let them go.

You can write your ex's name on a slip of paper and throw it into the reaching flames of a bonfire. You can stitch their name to the bottom of your shoe and crush them with each move you make. Or, you can garner goodwill and help an animal who needs some extra love, while trashing your ex, all the while.

This Valentine's Day, center the people — and pups — who deserve your love and affection. Focus on dogs without forever homes and yourself. Go ahead: Dump your ex! This time, for good.

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