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Accountant Fired The Day After Her Company Christmas Party After Making Out With 'Everyone' — Including Her CEO Whose Wife Was Right There

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co-workers drinking at office holiday party

It’s no surprise that Sundays in January are the biggest dating app days of the entire year. After the cheerfulness of the holidays, we’re all feeling a bit solemn about not having a partner to cuddle up with. 

However, one accountant had a unique way of making the holidays a lot less lonely, specifically at her company’s holiday party. 

Let’s be honest, who needs a relationship when you have 15 co-workers lining up to make out with you at the office Christmas party? 

This accountant was fired after ‘making out’ with several co-workers at her company’s Christmas party. 

TikToker Chloe Cotterell shared a Reddit story of one employee who got a bit too carried away at her company’s Christmas party and ultimately paid the price. 



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Her small firm of about 15 people was relatively male-dominated. Other than a partner and the wife of her CEO, she was the only woman in the entire company.

When she arrived at her annual company Christmas party, she immediately felt out of place, but there was one other co-worker close to her age who she decided to buddy up with. 

The two shared drinks together and in the blink of an eye were making out in front of their co-workers.

Accountant Fired The Day After Her Company Christmas Party After Making Out With EveryonePhoto: Tim Douglas / Canva Pro

Despite the moment they shared together, she revealed that her young co-worker decided to head home early, leaving her with just the older male employees. She said one had even asked her if she was going to “make out with the rest of them” after they’d watched her share a few kisses at the dinner table. 

And to the shock of pretty much everyone, she said yes! “I’ll admit that I probably got a little bit too drunk,” she said after revealing she’d made out with every person at the party. 

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There was one final misstep that ultimately led to her job being in jeopardy.

Somewhere in the haze of making out with nearly all of her co-workers, her lips found themselves attached to the company’s CEO who happened to be married to the partner of the company. Although she said that they were “on the brink of a divorce” — something well known by the entire office — his wife witnessed her behavior.  

When she returned to the office, she received an unexpected meeting invite that ended with her termination. 

“I dreaded going back to the office,” she admitted.  

The CEO’s wife fired her on the spot and called her actions at the Christmas party inappropriate and unprofessional. “I knew straight away that I was about to lose my job,” she said about the meeting, “and I did.” 

Commenters were shocked by the woman’s story. Some blamed her “drunkenness” for her less than stellar decisions at the party.

One TikToker who dueted the video said, “If making out with your married boss and co-workers isn’t enough to make you go sober, I don’t know what is.” 



While some people pointed fingers at her behavior, others addressed the dynamic of the male-centered office and the lack of accountability for the male employees who also played a role in the office party fiasco. 

“Clearly the wife fired this employee because of the situation with her husband, but what about the rest of these employees? Did they not also partake in this ‘inappropriate’ behavior?” one commenter wrote. “It doesn’t seem like they’re about to fire the entire firm — only this one girl.” 

While her actions might not have been suitable for the office Christmas party — and she might’ve gotten swooped up by the “lovey dovey” holiday spirit — the professionalism of the rest of the staff was questionable at the very least.

She paid the price for her actions, but questioning why the male employees didn’t face the same fate was also fair. In the end, she probably could have kissed every employee in the building and kept her job, but the minute she locked lips with the CEO, she sealed her fate.

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