20 Badass Things You Can Only Do When You're Single

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People think being single means you're destined for one of these two very extreme options: 

1. Be super lonely and depressed and focus all your energy on getting your ex back or trying to find someone to replace them STAT. 

2. Avoid any possibility of a new relationship like it's the plague and spend all your energy on some form of self-discovery. 

Ummmm ... NOPE. 

When you're single, there's this expectation that you're only "doing it right" if you're having some epic journey, tons of casual sex, and realizing some crucial, life-changing things about yourself.

Putting ALL of that into just a short chapter of your life is nothing short of insane. 

There is in fact a third, much more mellow option out there. 

You could spend your time enjoying your freedom, having adventures, playing the field, and figuring out what kind of relationship you want next.

Yes, you can have it all, once you find your balance. 

Whether you're newly single or have been in the game for a little while, it's time to change the way you see your situation. It's not the end of the world, and it's not the biggest party of your life.

Chances are, you'll be much happier and most fulfilled if it's somewhere in the middle. 

So if you're having trouble getting in the right mindset, remind yourself of some of the coolest things you can only do when you're single that is on BOTH ends of the crazy train: 

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1. Adopt an animal without worrying about anyone else's allergies. 

2. Buy WHATEVER KIND OF GROCERIES YOU WANT (knowing no one else will eat them before you do). 

3. Be in complete control of your alarm clock. 

4. Have as many friends of the opposite sex as you want. 

5. Go on a solo, "Eat Pray Love" kind of vacation because it will be awesome and life-changing. 

6. Randomly quit your job and change your career solely on the basis of boredom. 

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7. Flirt with (and possibly sleep with) whomever. 

8. Give yourself real time to heal from your past relationships. 

9. Stick to a real workout and eating plan because no one will be there to distract you with a pizza. 

10. Chase your passions and every little crazy idea you have, because HEY, you got time now. 

11. Upload every bikini pic you've ever wanted to. 

12. Focus on your friendships and building your squad.

13. Start writing in a journal and documenting all your secret thoughts (without worrying about a snoop). 

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14. Spend money on really dumb stuff because you can. 

15. Or save your money for a future goal, because that's probably smarter.

​16. Get closer to your family without the burden of forcing them to like a stranger. 

17. Try out a new skill that you formerly thought might be embarrassing to your significant other (hello, Accapella group). 

18. Control your own radio.

19. Take up a ridiculous amount of space in your bed. 

20. And figure out how to be complete and happy on your own — because that's really the most important goal of being single. 

Emily Blackwood is an editor at YourTango who covers pop culture, true crime, dating, and relationships.