15 Emotional 'Inside Out 2' Quotes That Are Deeply Meaningful To Anyone Struggling Right Now

It's not just a kid's movie.

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Once characterized as a heartfelt animated kids film, Pixar’s "Inside Out" series has blossomed into a motion-picture fandom that encompasses much more than middle school kids and their parents.

The first "Inside Out" movie was released in June 2015, and now, nearly 10 years later, its fanbase has grown up, and with them, the franchise's second installment has grown too. "Inside Out 2" features themes that touch on stress and anxiety through the emotions of envy, embarrassment, and nostalgia. It's resulted in an emotional rollercoaster ride that viewers can't stop talking about.


Here are 15 emotional 'Inside Out 2' quotes that are deeply meaningful to anyone struggling:

1. 'I’m a good person.' — Riley

Our sense of self, similar to Riley’s at the beginning of the film, is a web of interconnected emotions. As Riley lets Anxiety seep into her life, she struggles to remember that she’s still a good person.


The same is true for you. Despite your perceived flaws, insecurities, and struggles, you’re still worthy of happiness, love, and fulfillment. 

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2. 'You don’t get to choose who Riley is. Anxiety, you need to let her go.' — Joy

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Riley struggles with panic attacks towards the end of the film. She's anxious and overthinking mistakes she’s made in a hockey scrimmage at camp. We’ve all been there. We let anxiety creep into even the most exciting moments of our lives, threatening to rob us of our joy.

As Joy tries to get Anxiety’s attention, it becomes clear that our complex and intense emotions are often not fueled by clear reasoning — we just get carried away. Don’t let your fear, insecurities, and nervousness define you.

3. 'Out with the old, in with the new.' — Anxiety

While Anxiety’s conversation about new friends was addressing fitting in with the “cool kids,” it reminds us that forging lasting bonds and friendships can be a struggle at any age.

Instead of feeling confident in who we are, we feel pressure to be liked. 


4. 'Okay. You and I are going to be friends.' — Fear

fear inside out 2 quote about friends Disney / Sparklestroke and margiartho via Canva

Seemingly wholesome, this conversation between Fear and Anxiety is a reminder that every one of us is capable of self-sabotage.

One anxious thought can quickly spiral into full panic, inviting fear into every interaction, relationship, and conversation we have.


5. 'I’m not good enough.' — Riley

Riley’s belief system — once a confident internal monologue of “I’m a good person” — has been sabotaged by Anxiety to chant “I’m not good enough.”

While it’s fully Anxiety’s fault that Riley's sense of self has been negatively altered, Riley herself can’t help but believe it’s true, and that’s the case for so many of us. Even when we're in the throws of believing the worst about ourselves, give yourself some grace — that’s your anxiety talking.

6. 'It’s what you would call The Boredom.' — Ennui

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Ennui — a new French character looming in the background of many scenes — personifies dissatisfaction and disinterest, otherwise known as boredom.

Imagination and creativity can easily fall by the wayside when caught up in the monotony of daily life. Fight back against the pull of doom-scrolling and a sense of ennui by prioritizing your favorite activities and hobbies.

7. 'You can't just bottle us up!' — Joy

As Joy pleads with Anxiety not to suppress the first movie’s main characters, it becomes clear that the “more sophisticated” emotions take the reigns quickly in Riley’s life.

Connecting with your emotions throughout your life and prioritizing the simplicity of joy, happiness, and even sadness is essential. Don’t bottle up your hope in the face of fear, worry, or embarrassment.


8. 'Fear, you have a parachute?' — Joy

While fear and anxiety are often labeled as inherently "bad" emotions, the truth is they can protect us in specific situations. Similar to how Fear protects the rest of the characters with an emotional parachute, our own fears can help guide us through life. 

Fear shouldn't keep us from new experiences, but we should listen to our fear when it tells us to be cautious. 

9. 'Riley’s life requires more sophisticated emotions than all of you.' — Anxiety

anxiety inside out 2 quote about emotions Disney / Sparklestroke and margiartho via Canva


Each of us is a complicated web of “sophisticated” emotions — as Anxiety phrases it — and all of those emotions work together to help us navigate our experiences.

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We laugh to tears, feel nervous with excitement, and feel sorrow in our nostalgia for happy memories. Our emotions are intertwined in a beautiful tapestry that paints our lives.

10. 'That’s not going to haunt us for the rest of our lives at all.' — Anxiety

anxiety inside out 2 quote about haunting Disney / Sparklestroke and margiartho via Canva


As Anxiety, Embarrassment, and Disgust can’t help but quiver after an interaction between Riley and a new friend ends in “finger guns,” we’re all reminded that our quirks and habits can sabotage us.

You're always harder on yourself than you need to be. Remember, we all replay those embarrassing moments like a movie reel in our minds, but those moments are also celebrations of resilience

11. 'You made a lot of mistakes, a lot. And you will make a lot more in the future.' — Anger

anger inside out 2 quote about mistakes Disney / Sparklestroke and margiartho via Canva


Anger’s raw honesty throughout "Inside Out 2" is a reminder that sometimes pure frustration brings out the root of our emotions. “If you let that stop you,” he says, “we might as well lie down and give up now.”

You messed up at work, said the wrong thing, lied, cheated, or disappointed someone — you’re human. What defines the moment is how you move forward.

12. 'Maybe, this is what happens when you grow up. You feel less joy.' — Joy

joy inside out 2 quote about growing up Disney / Sparklestroke and margiartho via Canva


After struggling to contain Anxiety, Joy can’t help but come to the realization that growing up is hard. 

We have more on our plates, more responsibilities, and less free time to frolic. It's important to remember that there is still joy in life no matter what stage. It could be the bliss of puppy kisses at the end of a hard day at work, laughing with lifelong friends over dinner, or the hug of a grandchild spending the weekend with grandma. It’s all about your mindset.

13. 'Joy, Riley wants to see you.' — Sadness

sadness inside out 2 quote about joy Disney / Sparklestroke and margiartho via Canva


As Sadness reaches out to Joy, we’re reminded that happiness is always available. Even when we’re struggling, there’s always room to adopt joy.

You have to make happiness a priority in your life and then embrace it.

14. 'Anxiety would have a plan for that.' — Fear

fear inside out 2 quote about anxiety Disney / Sparklestroke and margiartho via Canva


As Fear dwells on Riley's unpreparedness throughout the movie, it's a reminder that "negative" emotions can support us in unsuspecting ways. 

A little bit of anxiety is normal. Not only does it motivate us to prepare for things like quizzes in high school or first-date conversations, but it is also the catalyst for joy. 

15. 'Do you know how hard it is to stay positive all the time?' — Joy

joy inside out 2 quote about staying positive Disney / Sparklestroke and margiartho via Canva


Even the pinnacle of pure elation — Joy — acknowledges how hard being happy can be.

Life can feel bleak. We all struggle, but it's important to recognize that sadness, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are not your only experiences. 

If, however, you do feel stuck in those emotions, recognize them and ask for help. Joy is just around the corner.

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