How To Finger A Woman To Make Her Orgasm With Just Your Hands

how to finger a girl

It's all about getting the digits.

Knowing how to finger a girl is important because you just never know when some woman is going to want a good fingering orgasm. Foreplay is incredibly important to making a woman happy in bed. 

Here are seven expert tips for how to finger a woman.

1. Keep your fingernails neat and trim.

Ohhh, so that's why women are always checking out men's fingernails? They're all thinking about a fingering. Yes. Yes, they are. Seriously, uncut, uncleaned, and unbuffed fingernails are painful, so keep your hands to yourself until your nails are smooth enough to run across your own dick hole.

2. Make circles on her clitoris.

The clitoris is the most powerful spot on a woman's body, so get ready to use two fingers (the index and middle finger) to rub her clitoris in a soft and circular manner. By now she should be sufficiently aroused with foreplay, so her clitoris will be swelling and slightly enlarged.

Gradually increase speed as she shows positive signs. Be careful not to lose concentration and “auto” set your circles, as you could lose the rhythm or start moving too roughly or quickly.

3. Penetrate with the middle finger.

Turns out it's actually a really good signal when a woman gives you the finger — she's talking about this move. If she wants it hard and fast, give the finger back right back to her by putting your middle finger inside, and thrusting it in and out of her like a penis.

Increase the speed if she seems to like it and find a thrusting pattern that works. The ideal position is with you in front of her vagina and kneeling in front of her since this gives you full control over your hand.

4. Find her G-spot with the index and middle finger.

Next in how to finger a woman, we find the G-spot. Find this area by having your palm up and making the “come here” motion with your middle and index finger.

The G-spot is located about 2-3 inches deep and upwards, towards the front wall. You should feel a rougher patch of skin. Imagine trying to touch her belly button internally and you've got the right idea. Start slowly, softly, and then, build yourself up to a hard thrust.

5. Slide your index and middle fingers all the way down and back up again.

Make sure your fingers are wet, and then, start by going down the side of the clitoris all the way into her vagina and then back out again. This common maneuver of the tongue can also work with fingers, as long as you keep the pressure light and the area very wet.

6. Bring in another hand.

You can use your free hand to stimulate her vagina or G-spot area while rubbing her clitoris at the same time. When using more hands, try stroking and penetrating with different rhythms, not automating the same movement for both hands. Keep it steady and don't worry about speed unless she's yelling at you to finish her off.

7. Don't shock her ... use the shocker!

There's only one rule about anal stimulation and it's “No surprises!” If your woman is up for some experimenting, then use your pinky finger to LIGHTLY penetrate her anus. Make sure your hand is sideways and, just to be safe, keep fingering her vagina at the same time you slip it in.

Now you know how to finger a woman! You're ready to finger a woman whenever she asks for it — any time, any place. Just be sure she's referring to the sex act of fingering and not “fingerplay” nursery rhymes or musical “fingering.” That would be an awkward misunderstanding. Although, giving your hot music teacher an orgasm might be fun.

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