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Women Share How Strippers In The Metaverse Are Making Up To $100K A Year Without Showing Their Faces

Photo: TikTok
Women explaining how they make money as strippers in metaverse

Since earning money in real life is hard, some women are finding creative ways to boost their income in the metaverse.

As our lives slowly transition into virtual reality, women are breaking down how they have already begun to capitalize on industries within the metaverse.

Women working as strippers in the metaverse can make up to $100k a year.

At least that is what one 3D avatar is claiming in a story that is being circulated online.

According to the claim, metaverse 3D Vixen Mamia Orio makes over $100,000 a year creating adult content with just her avatar

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As is being noted by social media users reacting to the claim, this lets women earn money without having to partake in traditional sex work if they don't want to.



"If you don't [have] to show your real self and you just have to show your fake self or fake avatar, [I'm not] mad at it. It's easy money and honestly, this is just another stream of income that you can curate in the verse," TikTok Ashley France notes.

Sex work in the metaverse is a logical next step for an industry that has thrived online in recent years thanks to OnlyFans.

OnlyFans has also allowed sex workers to find more autonomy in their careers instead of being constrained by the controversial porn industry. The metaverse could afford sex workers the same freedoms.

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This method of earning money fascinated many TikToker users, and many were curious as to how this works.

France said the first thing to do would be to buy a VR headset to experience the metaverse.

The second thing to do would be to set up an account on the app and link the VR headset.

The last thing to do would be to create an avatar. 



As this was the way to create a virtual presence, France further explained how the avatar can become a dancer or a stripper.

“There’s a search bar where you can search different restaurants, you can literally type in restaurants, clothing stores, whatever it is that you want to do,” France continued.

“So obviously for what I mentioned being a video vixen or a spicy dancer, you would type in something like ‘a spicy dancer club’, it pops up, you click one. One of the most popular ones is called club ruby. You go in there, you talk to the people and you get hired.”

Additionally, there is also a payment option within the app so one can get paid virtually.

The hiring process is quite similar to what it would be in real life, but since it’s the metaverse, one can create what they want to look like in the app and not link it to their own image — thus eliminating some safety concerns.

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