Woman's Husband Is 'Really Mad' She Spent More Than '40 Bucks' Of Her Own Money To Get Her Hair Done

You can barely get a man's haircut for that, but that didn't change his mind.

Screenshots of TikToker Ashley Hansen @ashleyhansen4646/TikTok

It's no secret that everything is costing a bit—or sometimes quite a bit—more nowadays as inflation continues to be an issue.

And it's certainly no secret that when it comes to beauty and grooming treatments like hair care, women pay a premium far above what men typically have to spring for.

Even so, the totally reasonable expenditure one woman laid out to get her hair done sent her husband through the roof—and her story about went instantly viral once people found out what she paid.


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A woman on TikTok says her husband was "really mad" that she spent more than $40 on a cut, color and style for her hair.

Ashley Miller, known as ashleyhansen4646 on the app, shared her experience in a video, and one look at her new hair tells the story for her.   


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Her beautifully styled hair and fresh highlights look fantastic.

But those kind of treatments, even though they are pretty standard for women, come at a price that would surprise most men, for whom basic haircuts can be had for very cheap.

Miller's husband was definitely among them. "My husband is really mad at me that I spent a lot of money on getting my hair done yesterday," she told her followers. 

The TikToker revealed that she paid $170 of her own money for a full head of foils for her highlights, plus a cut and style.

"So tell me, how much is it that you pay to get your hair highlighted, cut and styled," Miller asked her followers.

In her caption for the video, she wrote that she paid $155 for her services and left a $15 tip, which she said she "didn't think was horrible." 


And her commenters agreed, with many shocked that she got all of that for just $170.

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TikTok commenters reported spending as much as double what Ashley paid for similar hair services.

Ashley's fellow TikTokers reported a wide range of prices for a similar trip to the hair salon, with the lowest guessing it would cost her around $125 with tip.

But nearly everyone else responded with far higher prices, with $300 seeming to be the most common.

"In Florida, at least $300 with hair your length!" one woman commented, while another said "$300. In San Francisco. That doesn’t include the tip."


One woman reported spending nearly $400. "It usually costs 380$ for me to get balayage as a dark brunette," she wrote.

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In a follow-up TikTok, Ashley revealed that she and her "very frugal" husband frequently argue over money.



She told her followers that her husband "does get really irritated" about overspending money.


"If he spends money, I don't get mad," she wrote to a commenter. "But I buy a book on Amazon Kindle for $3.99 and he's having a freakout."

The whole thing led her to decide that, "from now on anytime I'm gonna go and get my hair done, I'm just gonna pay cash cuz then he won't know how much I spent on my hair."

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Some TikTok commenters felt that Ashley's husband was out of line—and that his frugality might even be financial abuse.

"That’s code for… help me I am in a toxic marriage…" one person wrote. "No disrespect but…This is major red flags," wrote another.


"This is coming from a SAHM [stay at home mom]. We are not well off and i never get a comment about kindle books or anything."

Another wrote that she is "so worried for you. I was in a relationship like this. I made excuses for his behavior too. It just got worse as time went on."

And one woman didn't mince words—"RUN girl RUN!!!"

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The commenters aren't the only ones who might classify Ashley's husband's behavior as abusive—experts might too.

Life and marriage coach Nicola Beer told us about the signs of financial abuse in December of 2022, and... well it's hard not to notice some similarities to Ashley's story.


Beer called out "micro-managing or constant monitoring of your spending" and "making you account for every penny" as major warning signs.

She recommended that a couple like Ashley and her husband "work as a team" to "devise a plan to structure your finances that works for both people to clear past resentments on both sides."

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In the end, learning how much it costs women to upkeep their hair seems to have taught Ashley's husband a lesson.

She maintains he's a "great" and "forgiving" partner, even if it's become "a running joke" that he gets really annoyed about her spending whenever she gets a package in the mail.

But the hair debacle seems to have woken him up—she says that when she got a package from a boutique she loves right after she got her hair done, "he just rolled his eyes" and laughed it off.

Spats over money are of course perfectly normal—they're the number one source of disagreement among spouses after all.

Still, should a woman have to be forgiven for getting her hair done? Hopefully, this lesson will teach Ashley's husband to lighten up a bit.


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