Woman's Former Boss Sends Her Explicit Photos While They're Both Married — Now Her Husband Is Debating Telling His Wife

Even though he moved across the country, her former boss was still a little too close to home.

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A man on Reddit shared a story of the time he “unexpectedly” discovered explicit photos of his wife’s former boss on her phone. He believes that his wife deserves to know, but there’s a lot more at stake here than the emotions of the one person unaware of the situation.

Thanks to the man’s continued activity on the post and the background information regarding the situation, Redditors in the “r/TrueOffMyChest” forum were able to help him gain a new perspective — one that may have been hiding under his nose the entire time.


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His wife was having an emotional affair with her former boss and shared explicit photos with him.

“My wife has a former boss that is her friend outside of work,” the man began his post. “He lives 2,000 miles away and while they worked together [every day] for a few years, they have only met a handful of times.”

Although they’ve both changed jobs in the last year, he claims that they still communicate occasionally and then reveals that, recently, he sent her an explicit photo as a “joke.”


Woman's Former Boss Sends Her Explicit Photos While They're Both MarriedPhoto: Reddit

“I discovered it unexpectedly and my wife claimed he sent it to be funny and she didn’t realize it was saved,” he explained. “The photo is a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation but the conversation has already been deleted.”

WhatsApp, from my own experience communicating with family members in other countries, does have a feature where it automatically saves photos sent to you into your camera roll. What it doesn’t do, however, is take screenshots of full conversations and then delete them.


When he told his wife that her former boss’s wife deserves to know, she panicked and told him not to, explaining that “1) doesn’t want to be a part of the downfall of his family and 2) she feels like it betrays the trust the two of them have,” which he thought was bogus since she’s already betrayed the trust between the two of them.

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The man and his wife have been struggling, according to his other posts.

The first post on this man’s account reads “Wife seeking happy endings massage,” clearly proving that she was looking to have an affair when this was posted eight months ago in October 2022.

In a separate post from nearly three weeks ago about the same situation (the former boss’s photos), he shares that he “also found explicit photos she took of herself but never shared with me.”


Woman's Former Boss Sends Her Explicit Photos While They're Both MarriedPhoto: Reddit

He says in his most recent post that his wife claimed to have never sent any explicit photos of herself back, but now everything has been called into question, even by the Redditors in the comments.

“She doesn’t want you to tell his wife because she wants to keep her affair going,” one of the comments read. “You’re being delusional. Tell his wife immediately. I bet she has her own suspicions about your wife.”


An update on his post claims that he figured it out. “I get it,” he said. “She 100% had an emotional affair with her former boss when they were working together and this picture seems to indicate it continues and has a physical element. I thought we could repair the relationship [between] the two of us. It doesn’t look like that will ever work.”

He claimed that he would seek professional advice, likely on how to move forward with a divorce, and would go from there. “To those that shared genuine advice, I appreciate you.”

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